February 4, 2013

Celebrating Emory's Birthday!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Robby was the first one up this morning and even ran on the treadmill.  And even though he was up early and woke me up early, we were still scurrying around the house at 7:50.  Some how I lost track of time-probably because I was sitting in the floor getting the kids ready while listening to them talk.  They were all discussing Emory's party tonight-the excitement was that Emory had a swing IN her house and even her daddy could swing in it.  Seriously, this was crazy big news for my crew.
  • We dropped off Keaton and Campbell at Nonna's house.  Then dropped off Graham who was so excited that this was birthday bash at school.  And since we had a few minutes, we started on a book recommended by Noah.  Then I dropped Reagan and Anderson off at school and headed home to scurry around for less than 2 hours before picking up Graham again.
  • At Nonna's house, my uncle Hank was in town.  Graham grinned from ear to ear when he saw him.  Graham remembered going out to eat with him last time he was in town.  Campbell on the other hand told Nonna that she did not like Hank.  I think he interrupted her quality time with Nonna and Pops.  
  • We had lunch over there and when I said that it was time to go, my Graham said "yes ma'am" and then started to help pick up.  That has never happened before!  He was actually in the best mood ever and at one point this afternoon, he played upstairs by himself longer than usual.  It was a very eerie time here at the house-Keaton was sleeping, Graham was quietly playing and Campbell was looking at my kindle.  It was incredibly quiet-I liked it for a few minutes and then not so much.
  • When we came home from Nonna's house, the kids played outside while I unloaded the car and put up a few things.  Then I brought everyone in-after all it was raining.  Our next project was doing Graham's homework for Ms. Stacy (bringing in his favorite candy wrappers).  Then we tried on a pair of his bigger shoes.  And finally we worked on his reading book and sight words.  He loves doing his reading book but I don't know how far we can get before it gets too tough for my little guy.
  • Soon I put Keaton in bed and then Graham and Campbell had a snack and watched a movie.  That lasted about 20 minutes so we all read a few books on the kindle.  It must have been sitting on the couch in a dark room but I was getting sleepy.  So I did what any good mother does-turn on the tv and cuddle up with the kids.  Campbell was out in a flash and so was I.  We dozed until Graham said that he saw Robby's van and I jumped up like I hadn't been asleep.
  • Anderson earned a prize from the treasure chest.  But also told Robby that he had lost a star a few Mondays ago.  I guess that is fine to lose one of 5 stars-right?  Now Reagan would never have lost a star but he is a boy so we will give him losing one star-occasionally.
  • The kids had a good day at school and as soon as they walked in the door, they headed to my room to watch tv.  The tv was on in the living room but they opted to start a new movie in my room.  I guess they just like their own spots-hmm, I write that as I am sitting on my spot on the couch across from Robby who is also perched on his spot.  
  • Before too long, it was time for Emory's party.  The kids had a blast and enjoyed swinging on the swing in their basement.  There was chili, cheese dip, ice cream sundaes and cake pops.  When Emory was opening her presents, my kids became so excited when they saw her open the Elefun game.  When it was time to leave, Campbell was so upset.  She kept telling me that she didn't have fun.  That was her way of saying that she wasn't yet ready to leave.  The party favors did help get her out the door.  
  • Once we made it home, it was bed time for the crew.  Reagan has a birthday party tomorrow so she is ready for the morning to start.  But first she has to squeeze in school!