February 11, 2013

A Princess and her Superhero!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Graham had a touch of an upset stomach last night just as Robby and I were going to bed.  I think he thought that I was rushing him as he was pottying-he would say he was done, I would ask if he was done and he would say "maybe not, maybe not."  This happened about 10 times before he finally was finished with his business.  I was a bit concerned that he might have a touch of something but alas was just having a Robby attack.  
  • Graham then joined us in bed sometime early in the night.  I was sleeping so hard that I didn't even make him crawl into the middle of the bed-so when I woke up I was trapped in between Robby and Graham under the covers and laying on my back-like a big ole beached whale!  I could hardly get myself up to get to the bathroom.  
  • Today was a big, big day-Valentine's parties at Comm Central.  Reagan had been planning her outfit and hair for over a week. Everyone wore their new Valentine's shirts and it didn't take too long for them to get up and get ready.  Actually, they had already started getting ready when Robby came up.  
  • We did a little group picture before we left with our van full of stuff-Reagan and Anderson's backpacks, coats, valentines and lunchboxes, Campbell and Keaton's coat and diaper bag, and Graham's coat and snack for school.  I dropped everyone off and my big kids had to get out of the car to show Nonna and Pops their Valentines shirts.  Then on to church to drop the crew off.
  • Back at home, my project today was the reorganize the kids closet.  It took me the entire 2 hours and I was scrambling at the end to get things finished.  This baby's due date is in 52 days and I still have two attics, the kids bedroom, the toy room, our closet, Robby's closet, the kitchen and the pantry to organize plus the entire house to clean along with getting out some baby stuff.  Man, that makes me want to hyperventilate a bit.  
  • Anyway, back to the kids...I picked up Graham and was pleased that he was NOT involved in the bad behavior incident or the hitting incident at school today.  But he was pleased to tell me ALL about it.  We then had lunch at Nonna's house.  Campbell was busy washing strawberries when we arrived and Keaton was having a morning nap.  
  • After lunch, we all played outside a bit.  Graham enjoys riding his bike but he is going to be a pretty super soccer player.  When the weather is a bit warmer, we will have to get out our soccer goals so the Dennie team can start practicing.  
  • Back at home, Keaton had a nap while I explained to Graham and Campbell how their closet was now going to work and finished labeling things in there.  Then laundry and more laundry for me (and can you believe that Robby is actually doing our third load of laundry today?) while the others watched a bit of a movie.
  • Soon it was time for Robby to arrive with Reagan and Anderson and they could hardly contain their excitement as they dumped out their boxes of Valentines and chowed down on their candy while drinking their sonic drinks.  After a while, we all went on a walk-Keaton in the stroller, Campbell walking, Anderson running, Graham riding a bike and Reagan rolling a hula hoop.  
  • Then Robby and I banished the kids to another room while we made supper and some chicken spaghetti for the freezer.  Then quesadillas and re fried beans for supper.  The kids actually cleaned their plates-that never happens.
  • Next up was baths upstairs followed by a movie and then bed.  We heard not a peep on the monitor tonight-love nights like this!