February 2, 2013

This smile never gets old :)
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  • Yesterday, I started the blog with "You know it is going to be a good day when you are still laying in bed at 8:30."  I need to amend that statement-9:30 would be a more accurate time.  Everyone was still asleep at 8:30 and they were just barely stirring at 9:30 when Robby finally caved and fixed breakfast.  It was a pretty nice morning laying in bed-just what Saturdays should be about.
  • The boys used to race down the stairs and grab their milk first thing in the morning.  Robby said tonight it was almost like they dreamed of it but now all they want is breakfast.  And lay in bed with us asking when we are going to get breakfast for them and when I am going to get my shower (they know this happens always before breakfast-or it just won't happen).  But now, Campbell is the one who grabs her milk the very first thing in the morning.  What is it about Dennie kids and their milk-no wonder we go through nearly a gallon a day!
  • Robby served up breakfast while I got Keaton up.  That child is soaking wet-pajamas and all-every single morning.  So of course while the others were eating, Robby and I needed to lay down with her under the covers so she could warm up.  Kind of sounds like we were pretty lazy today, actually we weren't-we just had our day of rest a day early.
  • Before too long, Reagan was sitting at the table making her sticker dolls, Graham was coloring on his pirate ship, Campbell was supervising all of these happenings and Anderson was working on his new legos.  I started helping the boy and we worked and worked and worked.  Robby eventually came to relieve me.  There were over 2 zillion pieces and 3 thousands steps.  This was his same set that he earned from Sparks.  So I have made an executive decision that we are now going to stop learning his Sparks Bible verses (only kidding-maybe we just need to slow down where he only has enough bucks to earn a bouncy ball or match box car).
  • It was then around 11:30 and I asked Robby if I should make lunch and he laughed saying that we had just eaten breakfast.  So we headed outside and walked and the kids biked down our road (love saying that) and then to the end of the street to see the horses.  The horses weren't there but it was still good riding practice for Reagan who must have the weakest legs in the world because she just struggles pedaling.  She did get better by the time we made it home though-probably should try to do that a few times a week.
  • While outside, Robby and I debated working in the mounds of leaves.  We had worked all day last Saturday and that part of the yard really looks good.  We figured we could get a bit more accomplished today since it was so pretty.  But by the time our walk was over and we had lunch it was 1:30 so we decided to continue our lazy day.  
  • Oh yes, while the kids were eating Robby and I hugged.  This caused a chorus of moans and gags.  So we continued carrying on.  Then we heard sputtering and turned to look to see Graham who was projectile spitting his milk out across the bar.  We had made him physically sick.  
  • The kids went back out to play while I finished cleaning the kitchen and unloading the dishwasher (like the 4th load in less than 24 hours).  I also made cookies and we hated to call the kids in to eat them while they were hot.  They were taking their turns pushing Campbell on the swing (have to teach her how to pump on the swings soon).  
  • Eventually the kids came in and migrated to the toy room.  Robby and I tried to be productive and even moved some things from our hall closet up to the Christmas attic (yep, with 5 attics I have to have them named).  This did involve a bit more work than we had intended since Robby had to move a board to put the boxes in a part of the attic that wasn't floored.  
  • Keaton adores playing in the toy room.  A huge room filled with toys that she has hardly ever seen and they are all laying spread out all over the floor.  She could stay up there for hours on end-if I didn't have to worry about her eating a lego man or tumbling down the stairs.  Though she has gotten good at saying "mama" at the top of the steps when she wants me to come home.  But by the time we finished our attic project it was her nap time.  
  • While she slept, the others watched a few movies and Robby and I might have had a nap.  Graham did catch Robby at a good time and was able to snag his ipad to play on and ended up doing so during his entire nap.  Soon after nap I was back at the table helping with those blasted legos.
  • We decided to leave the house tonight for supper at Mooyahs.  The kids all sat at their own table and ate peacefully-helps when they have shakes in their hands.  Once we made it home, everyone had their showers and then we put them in bed. 
  • Not to long afterwards, I was in our bedroom and heard some goings on upstairs over the monitor but didn't sound like much so I ignored it.  Robby was in our bathroom getting into the shower when I heard him say "whoa."  It was like a "whoa" when the water is too cold.  But it wasn' that-Graham had walked through our laundry room and closet and startled Robby.  Poor guy was saying that his eyes hurt.  He can think of any thing to stay up or even just to say something.  At supper tonight he walked to me.  Thought for awhile and then finally said "our fries are all gone."  Robby turned around to give them some more to see their fry cup full.
  • Anyway, I walked him back to bed, giving him a drink of water and checking his eyes.  I made sure to tuck him in well and hopefully he doesn't return down the steps until the morning.  Or if he does, hopefully he will just come through our bedroom door so he doesn't scare the mess out of us.