February 28, 2013

Horsing Around!

(click here for today's pictures)
  • Graham went to bed medicated but still woke up at 3:00 a.m. with a runny nose.  Robby didn't hear him so I managed to get myself upstairs.  He managed to sleep until 6:40 when he showed up in our room. No temperature but since it had only been a few hours since - he stayed home from school. A bit disappointed he couldn't take his "mode of transportation" show-n-tell (rocket ship with arms).
  • Soon Campbell joined us in bed until Robby got up and decided to get his run out of the way since he wasn't taking Graham to school.  He managed to sneak upstairs to start his work day (work from home day) while the rest of ate breakfast and started school. It was school express today as I had a baby doctor appointment at 10:30.
  • Soon we were loading up for a drop off at Grannymom and Grandpa's while I went to the doctor. Got a good report. He reported I was a "1", baby's head was down further than it would be on a 1st pregnancy - so slowly progressing to the due date of 35 days away!!!
  • Quick trips to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a wedding gift (which translates into a trip for us later in May to Houston!) and then to Kroger for a weekly round of groceries.  Back to Grannymom & Grannypa's to pick up the kids and soon we were home.  Robby was trying to hide in the bonus room because he had several conference calls and work to do but each of the kids managed to find him until he shooed them out.
  • Graham did manage to take a nap up there - temperature come back slightly and he wasn't feeling 100%. Might have over-played on our outing...but another dose of medicine and supper and he was a bit better.  Supper for the kids and then it was time for me to head the door.  I was putting the big van to good use tonight....Bunko in Conway so I played the shuttle driver part with stops at the church and another stop in west Little Rock to pick up 8 of the bunch to head to Jill's.
  • Meanwhile, Robby herded the crew up to the bonus room where it was bath's for everyone and a bit of foosball and car playing.  Then everyone settled in for an episode of.....The Price is Right. The kids even insist on watching the commercials. Not sure if they enjoy the commercials or are just smart about delaying their bedtime.
  • Teeth brushed, more medicine for Graham and everyone was in bed by 8:30.