February 16, 2013

Popcorn, drink and a movie!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • We had mistakenly thought that we would have slept a bit longer this morning but that wasn't so.  Keaton was up around 4 with a soaking wet diaper but a cup of milk was all it took for her to go back to bed.  Then at nearly 7 on the dot Campbell and Anderson were in our bed.  
  • It didn't take too long for us all to get up and start the morning though.  Robby ran while I started on washing all of the sheets-6 sets of sheets.  It took 3 loads of laundry to do all of those sheets plus the 2 other loads from yesterday that I neglected to fold and that is in addition to the one load of our clothes that we washed today.  So I did spend most of my day dealing with 6 loads of laundry.
  • Keaton spent most of her time helping me, Anderson enjoyed watching a few movies and Campbell, well Campbell, NEVER stopped talking.  The entire morning and afternoon she has talked and talked and talked.  Makes a person want to bang their head on the table!  Ha!  Though once Graham made it home, his talking came close to comparing to Campbells.  
  • Robby and I started working on cleaning a closet but quit in the middle to go to lunch.  We ate at Whole Hog-Anderson and Campbell are used to us eating there in Bryant and then going to get ice cream next door.  So they were pretty disappointed when there was no ice cream next door to the one in Little Rock.  
  • As soon as we set down to eat at any restaurant, Campbell decides that she needs to check out the potty.  We made her wait until we had finished eating and then I took her to the restroom.  While she was pottying, I was looking in the mirror and could see my belly button through my shirt.  I lifted up my shirt and told Campbell to look at my belly button sticking out.  She was horrified-absolutely horrified!  I was so tickled that Robby in his seat could have probably heard me laughing from that bathroom.
  • Though afterwards, we stopped at Grannymom's house to pick up Graham.  He had a big night and day-told Grannymom that he went to bed at 8:40 every night so that is when he stayed up to last night.  He saw Cash's basketball game this morning and then helped Grannymom make a delicious dessert that he shared with us.
  • Our next stop was picking up Reagan from Nonna's house.  She had a big time yesterday shopping at the mall and then going to a wedding shower this morning wearing one of her new outfits from last night.  
  • Back at home, the boys headed outside and Reagan eventually joined them.  The neighbor boy and some strange (new to us, not actually strange) girl played with the kids.  They were outside for a long time while Keaton finished her nap.  Robby played basketball with the boys for a few minutes but didn't last long since it was freezing outside.
  • They came back in and soon we had supper-corn dogs for most, left over lo mein noodles for Anderson, left over sweet and sour chicken for me and cheese dip for Robby.  It was a pretty good supper and then we all headed to the bonus room to start out movie.
  • So tonight we had ourselves a little move night-bonus room, popcorn and a movie.  Hank had given the kids the dvd Eight Below.  It has dogs just like he has so the kids are very interested in it.  The movie has quite a few intense scenes-and at one point the boys were standing on the couch squealing with blankets in their mouths.  
  • After most of us had popcorn (Robby and Anderson don't really like popcorn and Keaton is too little to eat it), Campbell and Keaton had a bath while the rest of us continued watching the movie.  They are a bit too small to really enjoy our movies.  But Keaton did set on the couch for awhile staring intently at the movie!-she was just imitating all of the other kids.  
  • Everything is laid out for the morning so hopefully all of these tired Dennie kids will have a good nights sleep!