February 12, 2013

A Love Story?
(click here for today's pictures)
  • About 1:30 this morning Graham tried to come in our bed but since I didn't want to end up like that beached whale again, I quickly got up to return him to bed.  As soon as I laid him back down, he told me that he was scared.  Seriously, 3 other people in your room, you just walked across the house and you are now trying to tell me you are scared.  That didn't fly but I was doubtful that him staying in bed happily would work.
  • About 10 minutes later-long enough for me to go to the bathroom, fetch some tums and lay back down-I heard Campbell coughing and then hollering that she needed water.  So back up the steps I went.  Since Robby is on a healthy kick, he is wearing his body bug (some contraption that monitors his heart rate, calories used, steps walked, some other stuff and even his sleeping).  That is kind of handy because I can look at it and see if he was actually asleep during all of my up and down the stair business last night-or see if he was just pretending to be asleep!
  • Everyone did sleep well but soon it was that dreaded time of the morning-wake up time.  Graham was happy to bring down his clothes to get ready and then him and Robby headed off to school and work.  And we started our breakfast and school routine.
  • School wasn't too difficult today.  Reagan and Anderson both had 2 boxes with Valentine stuff to do-graphing, color the sums different colors to make a heart picture (Anderson) and roll the dice to color coins in a heart.  And we all sat down to watch Reagan's math video.  
  • Anderson always wants to watch too which is fine by me because maybe he will catch on to something for next year.  Today's new math was rounding to the hundred place (remember rounding to the tens place was very hard for her) and we are also regrouping in the units and tens places (167+245).  Math did take her a bit longer than usual but she did grasp the concepts with just a few mistakes.  
  • We finished our school day with our science and history reading along with singing our state songs.  And after I had the kids straighten downstairs, it was lunch time.   I tried to feed Keaton some spaghetti but she was going to have none of it and barely ate anything.  She has a pretty runny nose and a bit of messy diapers going on so I think that she wasn't feeling 100 percent.
  • After lunch, Reagan and Anderson played upstairs while I did laundry and dusted with Keaton and Campbell.  Keaton just spent her time putting the wipes in and out of the container-she loves to do this.  Soon it was her nap time and the others watched a movie while I cooked a bit and worked on organizing the kids bedroom (1/3 of the way finished with that room-of course I am having to sneak stuff to the garage sale pile).  
  • Reagan and Anderson wanted to make a story like Graham and Campbell did so they made one with a princess (Campbell), an indian (Anderson) and a dragon (Reagan).  They finally finished but Reagan was so incredibly bossy that she sucked all of the fun out of the event.  That girl is proving to be a bit of a challenge lately.
  • Robby and Graham finally made it home and we quickly ate supper.  Chicken spaghetti and green beans and this supper was a winner-the kids all cleaned their plates (including Keaton).  I thought it was a bit spicy but they didn't seem to mind.
  • Now Graham must not have said anything all afternoon at Grannymom's house because he talked and talked and talked.  That boy told us all about the ferret that he petted today and narrated his new space books.  I told Robby that I really miss Graham while he is gone to school but I am not sure that I will miss Campbell as much (only kidding-a bit!).  
  • After supper, it was bath time upstairs followed by reading some of Graham's new books and then one final movie before bed.