February 25, 2013

Watching it rain. How did Keaton get up there though?
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Robby took the boys and Reagan to school this morning and since we didn't have to drop the girls off at Nonna's house (she is still recovering from her foot business and Pops has our cold that we are passing around) we had a few more minutes to spare this morning.
  • The kids did fine going to school.  Anderson had his football for show and tell-wonder what he was planning on saying about that-it is red, it is a football?  Who knows.  I could convince Reagan to take something interesting-seashells, a bone scan from the nutrition center or pictures from a trip.  I guess though that a football is just as interesting to a 6 year old boy than those other things.  
  • Anderson's teacher was a bit late so they had to wait around.  And Reagan had to take toilet paper rolls to Ms. Jodee but she was NOT going to carry in a walmart bag of toilet paper rolls.  Silly girl had to look cool and cool is not a walmart bag of toilet paper rolls.
  • Back at home, I stuck Keaton and Campbell in the shower as soon as I stepped out.  This worked wonders-I was able to get ready, make my bed and start on the laundry before they started asking to get out.  
  • Then the girls and I finished the laundry, went through some clothes from Ms. Bev, swept the kitchen and then ended up in the toy room.  I was quietly looking through stuff for my garage sale box with Campbell right behind me saying "I play with that Mommy, I play with that."  I still managed to find a few things for my garage sale pile.
  • Soon it was time to load up to pick Graham up.  I opted for the drive through line even though it takes longer.  And possibly another reason I haven't been through the line before lately is because of my ride-the big van!  I didn't want them to mistakenly think that I was picking up the entire class.
  • Graham had a good day at school but he was pretty adamant that Grant was going to invite him over to his house TODAY.  I explained that it wouldn't be today because Grant has to ask his mom.  Obviously, this didn't set too well with him but after I told him I would email Grant's mom about next week.  
  • My back has been bothering me today-I think that I carried Keaton around too much yesterday and am paying for it today.  So I took it pretty easy and might have even snoozed during Graham's movie.   And really, how interesting is G.I. Joe anyway?  
  • After Campbell and Graham both watched a movie (or possibly more-who knows I was snoozing) we all headed up to the toy room with Keaton who had woken up from her nap.  I just straightened it while they played and it probably took me 2 hours to finish since I was in no hurry.  
  • We had plenty of time upstairs because the crazy rain slowed Robby, Reagan and Anderson down on their way home from school.  When they made it home, the kids all enjoyed their slushies and then played happily upstairs (last Monday they were at each others throats from the moment they all were back together).  
  • We had supper-hot dogs, potatoes and baked beans-which is becoming our standard Monday night fare.  The kids cleaned their plates possibly because we told them they could have a piece of their Valentine candy if they did.  I have put their V-day candy up and they have really forgotten about it-unfortunately, I have not forgotten about it!  
  • After eating, the kids went upstairs to play some more.  Keaton went up there with them and eventually, Robby went up to take some pictures.  That is when I heard Robby say "when you see Keaton get all of the wipes out, can someone come and tell us."  I won't mention to him that Campbell came down earlier to tell me and I just said "ok."  I figured that since she was being quiet, busy and not too destructive that I would pick them up later!
  • Next up was pajamas, one last movie and then bed!