February 19, 2013

Tough Day!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Before it was even 7 this morning, we realized that the kids didn't learn their lesson about fussing with each other last night.  They were at it just about as soon as they went into the toy room.  I did have a meeting and made it clear that they would quickly lose movie, toy room and ipad time if things continued.  This did calm them a bit-thankfully or I would have had a very long day!
  • Robby took Graham to school and back at home we started the school day.  We finished just as my timer was going off to say we needed to be headed to the door (15 minutes before we actually needed to leave).  This gave Reagan enough time to put on her clothes.  But once we made it to the garage, she had forgotten her socks and went up to get them.  She came back with no socks but then couldn't find her coat.  It was also upstairs so she returned to get both of them, surprisingly she did manage to return with those things.  Sometimes that girl can't remember anything-I can't imagine what the teenage years will be like.
  • We made it to church to pick up Graham and today was going to be my first day to pick him up in the big van but there was a funeral and the hearse and family cars were parked to near the drive through for me-so we all climbed out and walked in to pick him up.  We probably could have been the first in the pick up line but I was afraid the funeral would let out and my big car would some how end up in the processional! 
  • Graham had a good day at school-they are studying transportation and even have a train track with two trains in their room.  He never really talks about school unless I pry for information but today he was a chatter box about that train!
  • On the way home, we ran by Nonna's house to see her after her surgery.  You could see her toes peeking out from the bandage so the kids were very intrigued by that-and her crutches that was another big hit.  Everyone was so proud to hand Nonna her cards that they had made.  My Campbell had even made a card for Hank and Pops.  
  • We didn't stay long and were home before lunch time.  We just had sandwiches for lunch along with little oranges.  This kids all peeled and ate their oranges-most asked for more (I declined).  I read some of our science and history during lunch and then made the kids help clean up the kitchen and house.  
  • After that, we did a bit of Valentine heart graphing, measuring and all of that jazz.  We had never gotten around to it last week so I just held it over for today.  The kids didn't mind since everyone had a box of candy hearts to enjoy-probably should have bought them on sale after Valentines and not before.  Keaton was sitting in her high chair and ate their crumbs and then she finally gave it up.  Poor thing was so tired but it was almost 2-nap time.  
  • The kids then helped me some more-laundry and cleaning the cabinets.  Then I did let them watch two   movies (usually they watch 3 movies-they are just 23 minutes each).  And as soon as those were finished, everyone was sent outside.  
  • My brilliant kids ended up playing with water guns today-seriously!  I don't know any one was thinking.  I told them not to fill them up any more but to finish playing and soon Graham came in soaking from head to toe.  He changed his clothes and then went right back outside.
  • After I straightened an attic and a few drawers in the kitchen, I woke Keaton up and we headed out as well.  We played basketball, football, catch, swang and were playing a big game of soccer when Robby came home.  No one even wanted to come inside for supper.
  • I had made lo mein noodles for the kids-chicken, veggies and noodles.  I was pretty pleased with myself but the kids were not!  Though by the end of the meal, they were eating veggies as fast as they could-even trading (my broccoli for your edamame).  I must be honest though, they were only eating those veggies to earn ipad time!
  • After supper, we had a race-the kids tried to clean up the toy room before we had cleaned up the kitchen.  We let them win so it was a win-win.  Then we all headed up to the bonus room.  I read two books then we started baths.  
  • And then we watched a movie-a carton from the church library.  How bad could that be?  Ha!  It was about Perpetia-a Christian martyr.  And it was pretty dramatic for only 35 minutes.  I will have to google my next church library movie to see how the story ends-because a movie ending with bears, leopards and swords in an arena is not the last thing I want the kids to think about as they are going to bed!  Me either!  They actually took it all very well and won't lose any sleep over it-hope I won't either!