February 27, 2013

Smiling Sisters!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • I really can't even remember what happened this morning-not a clue about who was up first or who climbed in bed with us.  I could say that it is "pregnancy brain" but that probably isn't the case-I just think these children are making me lose my mind.  Ha!
  • Actually, it was an excellent morning-one of those oddly excellent mornings.  We had breakfast and then started on school.  Today I tried working with Reagan, Anderson and Graham on just two things and then sending them back to their desks.  It really worked very well.  Graham is not yet able to do much independently-well, he can but he just will not.  So frequently working with me for me to redirect him and then letting him breaks seemed to work well.
  • It must have been divine intervention because we had finished school (except for science) and the school was picked up by 11.  Amazing!  Now let's briefly talk about how messy our school room gets during the day.  Keaton drags out 3 or 4 of the little folding chairs and also manages to spill the crayons all over the floor.  Add that to everyone's trash that always ends up on the floor and a zillion pencils.  Usually Campbell's school work (papers, puzzles and games) end up on the floor as well.  Today they also had tons of pipe cleaners and Popsicle sticks on the floor (why? Keaton loves putting them in and out of bags and boxes)
  • After all of our cleaning, we read our science and then watched a video about giants squids before lunch.  I did manage to feed the crew without a loaf of bread and with only a scant of milk which I was trying to hoard for Keaton's naps and breakfast in the morning.  
  • Since today was Wednesday, Keaton was sent to bed early and the rest of the kids put their clothes on for church.  Next up was a few minutes of reading before a few movies.  During the movies, I folded some baby clothes and pulled out stuff for Easter.  And within just a few minutes, it was time to load everyone up.  
  • Papaw was awake today and he was happy to see the kids and they all gave him big hugs when they came in.  All but Keaton-she really will not have anything to do with Beebee or Papaw.  Now she does take a liking to Tiffany (their helper) when she holds the candy bucket up for the kids to grab a few pieces.  But every single time, when I say it is time to go and tell the kids to give hugs-Keaton runs to Papaw and gives him the biggest hug.  She won't hug Beebee at all but she sure loves hugging Papaw.
  • Next up we met Robby for supper.  By the end of supper, we had decided that Robby would take Graham and Keaton home and I would take the others and do Robby's puppet job.  At Beebee's place, I though Graham was a bit quiet and even warm but while eating, we knew he had fever so that is why he missed.  
  • Graham talked all during supper and then Robby said that he talked and talked all evening long.  Poor guy-he gets chatty when he doesn't feel well.  He was given two healthy doses of medicine before he went to bed and was still talking non stop when I went to see him when I made it home.
  • The others did well in their classes-Anderson has 6 more verses until he finishes his extra credit book and Reagan is now just resaying her verses to earn Sparks bucks.  Campbell's teachers said that she was quieter than usual tonight-hope she isn't getting re-sick.  Hopefully, everyone sleeps well tonight and my sick crew doesn't get sicker and my healthy crew doesn't get sick! Otherwise, we will soon be making an appointment for 5 to see the doctor!