February 9, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
  • Campbell apparently did not know that it was Saturday this morning because she was talking to Reagan before 7.  Robby quickly called for her over the monitor to get her to come downstairs.  She joined us in bed and she eventually went back to sleep for a bit...
  • Until Graham woke up and went upstairs to play with the girls.  He was upstairs for about 3 minutes when I heard him screaming.  Apparently, Reagan would put his biker man on the motorcycle and that caused blood curdling screams from him.  My Graham can be a bit like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde-one minute a perfect child and quickly turning into problem.  This usually happens when he feels left out or comes back to join the family.  Makes me a bit crazy!
  • Soon, Keaton was awake and taking a morning shower with Robby after he had his morning run.  Keaton could stay in our shower forever and will just stand under the streaming water.  She needed quite a bit of water on her little face today because she must be getting Campbell's cold-messy nose this morning.
  • Campbell and Graham spent most of the morning out with Robby.  They picked up their breakfast and then had a pretty long wait to get the oil changed on the little van.  Meanwhile, back at home Reagan and Kennedy made blueberry muffins in Reagan's "easy bake oven."  Then Keaton watched me make 3 Mexican casseroles for the freezer.
  • Reagan and Kennedy played most of the morning long.  Keaton stayed by my side and helped with my laundry and even briefly played upstairs-until she quickly learned that knocking the dollhouse over got quite a rise from Kennedy and Reagan.  She liked all of that attention and continued to do this over and over.
  • Robby, Graham and Campbell weren't home for too long before it was lunch time and time for us all to load up.  Kennedy, Reagan, Campbell, Keaton and I took Kennedy to meet her mom and then we picked up Anderson.  He had a good evening and morning spending the night at Grannymom and Grandpa's house-even got to watch Cash play a basketball game.  Now that child will want to play basketball more than ever.
  • Robby and Graham had a few more minutes at home before they left for Maci's birthday party.  It was a swimming party, Graham brought the biggest present and was even able to take the "kid camera" to the party-he had a blast!
  • During their party, Keaton and Campbell napped and Reagan, Anderson and I worked on their Valentines-only 3,000 of those.  Soon Campbell woke up and was crazy hot again-she was given some medicine and cuddled with me for a bit while watching the end of a movie with Reagan and Anderson.
  • Graham and Robby brought home pizza and after a board game, a bit of air hockey and then it was time to pick up.  We had our supper and then headed to the bonus room for baths.  It is just pretty convenient to give them baths up there and then we all watched a Scooby Doo before bed.
  • Since Campbell had a nap this afternoon, she is going strong in her bed up there-hopefully she will fall asleep soon!