February 10, 2013

Celebrating Aubrey's Birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Graham was the first one to get up and he made it very clear that it was thundering and flashing outside.  He didn't seem to bothered (he did after all walk 1/4 of a mile from his bedroom to ours).  It was a good thing that he did join us because it was time for me to get moving.
  • Campbell was staying home with Robby today because her fever was pretty high still yesterday.  We had debated Keaton staying at home as well but opted for her to go.  Despite the storm, we made it to church on time-early actually, very, very early.
  • I pulled under the drive through and unloaded the kids and strongly encouraged them to stand beside Keaton in the stroller while I moved the car.  A lady was talking to us as we walked inside and asked if I wanted her to stay with them and I said that they would be fine but she said she didn't mind.  And of course, when I came back they had not moved their feet a bit.
  • It was barely 9 so we all walked to my room.  On the way, I told Campbell's teachers that she wasn't going to be there and they gave me a Valentine's treat for her.  Then at my room, I quickly ran in to get my stuff ready but then quickly left again-if people see you in that class room, they will start bringing kids immediately and I still had a gaggle to drop off.
  • We then walked back to the other side of the building to take Reagan to class.  Of course, I still had Keaton in the stroller and was going to have to get her out to go up to drop Reagan off-bu the boys saw someone playing a video game and begged to stay and watch.  So that worked out perfectly.  I made them stand by the stroller while I went to drop Reagan off.  It was early, early still to drop her off but I had already seen one of my Sunday school kiddos in the hallway.
  • Back to the other side of the building and Anderson was the next to go.  He had been begging to go to his room since we arrived-glad he loves Sunday school.  Two kids were waiting inside my room for me but I waved as I walked by saying that I had one more to drop off.  So I dropped off Keaton who runs, literally runs, into her class.  
  • Then Graham and I started Sunday school in our class.  The teachers were all given cupcakes as a Valentine's gift so that was pretty exciting.  Mr. Mike took the big 3 to cookie club in the library and then I picked them up, picked Keaton up and headed to Grannymom's house-skipping big church.
  • Graham had another birthday party today at 1:30 so as soon as lunch was over he and Robby headed to Chuck E Cheese.  Robby said that it was a busy, busy place and decided that we probably won't be having any parties there.  
  • While they were gone, I brought the others home.  Keaton had a nap and Campbell, Reagan and Anderson had a snack and watched their movie.  They are in such a routine that as soon as they turn on an afternoon movie, they think they need milk and a snack no matter when they last ate.  So instead of fighting them, as soon as the tv is turned on I hurry and get a snack.  
  • Robby and Graham came home for about 5 minutes and then turned around to head to church for choir.  Tonight was the first time for Anderson to return since his past bad behavior.  He did hand his teacher his apology note (Graham verified this) and behaved appropriately.  Reagan loves choir and comes home singing away.  Actually the boys were both singing a song they learned tonight-probably should have taped them.   
  • As I was making supper, Campbell looked out the kitchen window and said  "oh, how beautiful."  The sunset tonight was particularly pretty with many, many colors.  Robby and the kids on the way home from church even noticed.  But when Campbell mentioned it, she sounded more like a grown up than a 3 year old.
  • Soon Robby was home with the others for good and we all had supper.  Then it was ice cream truck time-Keaton was finished eating as soon as she saw Robby walk in with the popsicles.  Next it was time for showers upstairs.  By the time everyone was dressed, it was time for bed.  
  • They must have all been pretty tired because we have heard nothing over the monitor.  It did help that today was a busy day for Graham-church, Grannymoms, party, church-and that Campbell didn't have a nap.