February 23, 2013

Love some Orange Leaf!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • The kids were up before 7 this morning but we held them off until 8:30 when we climbed out of bed to start making breakfast.  I was so pleased with our banana bread making yesterday but Reagan and Anderson were the only ones that wanted any for breakfast-oh, well, more for me!  
  • It was a pretty lazy morning around here.  Robby did decide to vacuum so he could feel productive (well, he did run too so that probably counts).  I on the other hand decided not to be productive-I have deemed that to be overrated for weekends.  Well, I did fold some laundry while the little girls were in the shower.  I had to put Campbell in there so she would stop talking to me for a bit-my ears needed a rest.  
  • At one point during the morning, Graham was wearing no shirt, a construction worker vest, a bucket hat, holding a lego gun, ball, and guitar and also had a sword sticking out of his pants.  He was a warrior he said.  I couldn't find my camera quickly enough because as soon as I stood to get it, he threw his bomb (ball), shouted "boom" and pretended to shoot with his lego gun and guitar gun before running out of the room.  
  • Reagan was busy playing doctor.  She had a waiting room set up with magazines to read while waiting.  Then she would proceed to examine her patients one by one.  Anderson and Warrior Graham happily performed their duties as sick patients.  And where was Keaton you ask?  Well, they had put her in Campbell's empty crib upstairs.  She was happily watching all of the action and jumping on the poor crib mattress.
  • Soon it was lunch time and we feasted on potato soup that Campbell and I had made the other day.  Actually, Robby and I feasted on it while the kids picked at it.  Then it was time to straighten and head out the door.  Our outing today was Orange Leaf-Robby had a shop there so it was a good afternoon treat.
  • The kids now know the drill when we go in-they hold their bowls and Robby and I dispense their ice cream.  Seriously, we would still be washing dishes in that place if they were able to fill their bowls.  Then Robby and I serve them the toppings that they chose-the boys actually both lost one of their toppings today for some reason or another.  
  • Everyone sat down well-even Keaton who sits in the seat and patiently waits for her next bite.  Last time, I got her a tiny bowl of some flavor and she would not eat a bite.  Now if Reagan fed her some of her bowl she would open wide for that spoonful but not for her bowl.  Today I must have chosen more wisely because she devoured her bowl.
  • And when we were leaving, it was like we were on a trip because we let the kids climb all over a big rock in the landscaping before getting back into the car.  At home, Anderson desperately wanted to play outside with someone but Robby and I had already said we were going to go in.  But when Reagan, Graham and even Campbell took off their shoes and went inside, poor Anderson was left all alone.  So Robby decided to stay and play with him.
  • It didn't take too long for Campbell to walk by me asking where her daddy was.  I even said that I didn't know but she still found her way outside with Anderson and Robby.  And soon Graham was out the door followed by Reagan.  I could hear them all screaming and shouting during their soccer game out front.  Seriously, they were having a blast-I am asked daily when soccer is going to start.  Campbell, who is too young for soccer this year, is asking if she can be one of the "football girls"-I am assuming that she wants to be a cheerleader like Reagan was during football season.
  • When the crew came inside they were hot and sweaty.  Anderson told me that he wanted something to drink and I told him that he could certainly grab his water bottle.  But then he told me that he wanted something sweet to drink-like lemonade.  I again offered up his water bottle and he suggested milk to which I again mentioned his water bottle and he took me up on it.
  • Robby and I watched a few tv shows while the kids played upstairs and Keaton slept and then it was supper time again. After supper, they played some more and then bath time for all.  While some were in the tub the others played on the ipad.  Campbell thinks that she has to play the same silly game that the others play on the ipad and will quit in just a few seconds.  Tonight, I made her play one of her games and she played her entire time (a while 5 minutes-whoop, whoop).  And then it was time for bed for all.