February 6, 2013

Visiting with Uncle Hank!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Again Robby was up before the rest of us and back briefly in bed to greet the kids as they joined us.  Then he was off to work and I was left with a house full of kids and a whole lot of laundry.  Seriously, this running he is doing is greatly increasing my laundry.  It has pushed me from 1 load a day to 1 and a half loads a day.  Can be a bit overwhelming-wish I was one of those people that could just leave clean laundry in the basket unfolded.  Maybe I will work on that.
  • The day started off well-pancakes for breakfast.  Speaking of large family logistics such as laundry and breakfast-we ate a whole box of pancakes for breakfast and two cans of soup for spaghettios for lunch.  What are we going to do when they are teenagers?  I really will have to get some chickens and start my garden.  
  • Anyway, after breakfast we headed to school.  Things were a bit crazy but manageable.  Reagan did have a melt down.  Yesterday, she dictated to me her oral report and today she was to copy it.  She handed her copy to me and said "I didn't do any good."  I told her to sit and wait for me and I would help her but before I could make it over, she was wadding her paper up.  Then as I tried to help her she just fell apart.  Seriously!  Makes me crazy sometimes.  I finally calmed her and just had her write 2 lines today.  Another thing that makes me crazy is how she holds her pencil-now taking suggestions!
  • Anderson did fine today and finished in a timely manner.  Graham loves doing his reading book now except Campbell also thinks that she is in on his lessons.  She sits by him and repeats everything that he says.  And she even has a piece of paper that she frequently makes notes on (scribbles).  It is very interesting watching her do this.  She thinks she is so big.  
  • Keaton does fine until about 11 and then she just falls apart.  I usually let someone get her some milk and then she will just sit in my lap or let me hold her.  That keeps her quiet for awhile especially while we are reading something like science.  The lesson day was about bivalves and Reagan has decided that she wants to eat mussels sometime.  
  • Soon it was lunch time and we read a few library books while eating our soup.  Then it was time for Keaton's nap and the others got ready for church, picked up the toy room a tiny bit and then they watched a movie.  That left me exactly 42 minutes to scurry around picking up the house, folding a load of laundry, getting myself ready for church, loading the church bags and putting them into the car, briefly cleaning the toilets and writing out my to do list for tomorrow (yep, I'm a dork like that).
  • We went to see Beebee today.  Hank was there and he started talking to the kids about his dogs and they were all spell bound by his stories about his dogs.  Of course maybe they were just being so still and quiet because there tummies were stuffed since Beebee had given them 2 pieces of  candy, 2 cookies and some popcorn.
  • After we said goodbye, we headed to the library.  Where we park at the library, it is a gravel parking spot.  This is now the third week that I have explained to the kids that they are not to kick the gravel.  And this is the third week that they have in fact kicked the gravel.  Seriously, it is like that gravel is a magnet to little boys.  I think next week I will just try to park somewhere else-it would be much easier.
  • We survived the library, then met Robby at Subway.  The lady fixing our two footlong sandwiches asked if that was going to feed everyone.  Ha!  Robby exclaimed that we had all been snacking all day.  The Subway lady must get paid by how many sandwiches she makes.  
  • Church went well and Anderson's teacher said he was "very good" tonight.  So that made his evening much better.  Reagan has now completed her extra credit book and has said every single Awana verse that a first grader can say-now what is she going to do during the other 2 and a half months of Awana?  
  • Back at home, it was snack time and then bedtime.  Before bed, Reagan did see her Valentine's shirt that Robby ordered for her-she was so excited!