February 22, 2013

Project Day!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • It was a restful night and the kids always stop in the toy room if it is clean in the morning-otherwise, they end up in our room.  So it has become our goal lately that the toy room is always clean in the mornings.  Though Campbell still does end up between us but she just drinks her milk and is relatively quiet (the first 10 minutes of the morning is the only time of the day that she doesn't talk and talk and talk.)
  • We had breakfast after Robby left and then started on school.  On Fridays, one of the kids boxes says "ipad time" and another says "project."  So this really urges the kids to get their stuff done.  We did have to search all over the house to find the ipad.  Once we found it, Anderson was so excited to have his turn that he didn't even see some of his work.  After we found his missing pages, he finished it during everyone else's turns.
  • Around 11, we started on everyone's projects.  They received so many craft projects for Christmas that I have to set aside a time to work on some of them or they will never get finished.  Reagan played with her paper dolls, Campbell worked on her mosaic stickers, Keaton worked on her graham cracker eating and the boys put together their pirate ships.  Seriously, those silly pirate ships must have 700 pieces.  
  • Then it was lunch time and next up was making banana bread.  The kids all set at the bar and helped smash bananas and put things in the mixer.  During reading time later in the day, I gave everyone a few pieces of our bread.  Reagan said it was better than Nonna's banana bread, Anderson said mine was better, Campbell ate half of hers and then found something in it that she didn't like the color of and Graham came up to me to talk about the bread.  
  • Graham told me that my bread wasn't as good as Nonna's bread and then he added that we made it wrong.  Graham went on to say that Nonna only puts on one stick of butter and we put in two and that was wrong.  I tried to explain that we doubled our recipe and added more of all of the ingredients but in his mind, we had made it all wrong and the whole thing was practically inedible.
  • When Keaton finished her nap, the others decided to go outside but the little girls and I stayed inside since I was cooking up some potatoes.  Soon it was after 5 and the kids came back inside.  Robby called and we decided to meet for supper.  
  • We had quiet an interesting conversation on the way to meet Robby.  I was telling the kids about the mine in Utah that we went to and talking about the large wheels on the vehicles there.  Reagan asked if  I was married then and I said that we were.  Then she asked if someone was in my tummy then and I said no.  The next question was my favorite.  She then asked "Did Daddy have a lot of hair then?"
  • A minute later, Anderson was giggling so hard that I had to ask him what he was laughing about.  He said "I am thinking about Daddy with long hair."  Then I had to explain that Daddy never had long hair but he used to have much more hair than he does now.  I don't dare show them my grey hairs or they will soon be talking about that as well.
  • Meeting Robby for supper was perfect.  He arrived first and when we got there he had our table, drinks and cheese dip all ready and even met us at the car to help unload.  That was really nice.  The kids were all great at the restaurant and ate pretty well.  Graham was on the opposite side of the table than the rest of us and he kept finding stuff (lettuce, onions, pepper...) in his food that would cause a commotion.
  • When we made it home, we scurried around to pick up the house since Grannymom's sister came to see us and the place.  Reagan picked up the bonus room and did a really good job.  The boys picked up the toy room and before Grannymom, Grandpa and Aunt Donna arrived the house was in tip top shape.  
  • Campbell and Keaton enjoyed seeing Grannymom and Grandpa but the others were pretty distracted by the Price is Right playing downstairs.  After everyone left, the kids finished their snack and headed to bed and Robby and I headed upstairs to watch our shows (Downton Abbey and The Closer).