February 17, 2013

All Smiles!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Sunday morning and ole Graham was trying to get into our bed sometime during the middle of the night.  My first reaction was to start moving pillows around so he could have a spot for his head.  But Robby was a bit more awake and said that he had to go back to his bed.  That is all well and good but that meant that I was the one to take him back to bed since I had to get out of bed to go to the bathroom anyway.  
  • Graham was the first one down this morning followed by Campbell.  I took my shower and then started getting everyone ready.  Reagan and Anderson were still in their beds but Reagan did pop up pretty quickly to put on her new Sunday clothes.  But Anderson started snoring (pretend) until I told him that there was a mouse in his bed.  He knew I was teasing but it did get him to smile and get out of bed.
  • Robby was in charge of breakfast and before too long we were in the car headed to church.  Graham was a bit too on the wild side during Sunday school for my taste but he survived.  Survived since Robby and I are both in his class and he made it through Sunday school in one piece and not in tears in holding his bottom.
  • Robby took the big 3 to big church while I had nursery duty in Keaton's class.  That little thing is the cutest ever-just wanted to sit in my lap especially when someone else was in my lap.  She is going to be one very jealous little girl in less than 50 days.
  • After church, we headed to Nonna's house to eat lunch.  The kids were very well behaved-probably helped that we clearly stated all of the rules before getting out of the van.  They played for a while before we had to head home.
  • We didn't have too long for our Sunday rest but it was long enough for Robby, Campbell, Keaton and I to have a pretty good nap and the others to watch a few movies.  Soon though it was back to church for choir.  
  • The big 3 went to choir and even got to sing some in the same room-one of Reagan's highs for the day.  We took Keaton and Campbell to the library to eat a cookie but Keaton didn't observe proper library etiquette so she was ushered to her class.  That was fine-more cookies for the rest of us!  
  • After choir, we went to big church after missing quite a few weeks.  I love Sunday night church but it is sure hard.  We had our supper when we made it home along with our Sunday night ice cream truck.    Then it was bedtime for all the crew-and snack time for me!