February 21, 2013

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  • Yesterday during school, Graham was playing with his new squishy ball.  He was gently throwing it and catching in the air but soon he noticed that it was losing its air.  Poor thing was just devasted-he was trying to hold it together but wasn't doing a good job at it.  Anderson saw his pitiful brother and said "you can have mine and when I go to Larry's pizza, I will buy you one."  Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?  Too bad that aren't always like that.
  • Last night was fairly restful even though at 3 this morning, we woke up to our monitor beeping.  Turns out the power was out and not only was the monitor making noise but Keaton was also.  She now has a bad habit of waking up in the middle of the night.  
  • Our first priority was calming down Keaton and then Robby gathered the flashligths and we laid back down.  And soon the noises started up again-Belle was the first.  That dog barked and barked and barked.  Robby let her out of the shed, put her back in and let her back again and she was still barking.  He said that if he knew she wouldn't be returned then he would have let her off the chain and given her a push out of the yard (yes, a few weeks ago the neighbors brought her back when he "accidently forgot" to put her on the leash.)
  • While Robby was working with Belle, I heard Keaton fussing but after a few minutes I realized that it wasn't Keaton but Campbell upstairs.  Since the nightlight was out due to the outage, Campbell was convinced that she had been struck blind and was pretty hysterical.  Of course that had woken all the kids up and they were all questioning me as soon as I walked in about why I had turned off the night light.
  • I calmed everyone down and then went back to bed.  Robby eventually finished with Belle and came back to bed.  But soon Belle was back at it again and he headed back out and I went back upstairs to check on Campbell who sounded pretty horrible with her hoarse voice and deep cough.
  • After all of this, we were very surprised when we woke up at 7 and had slept well.  Robby said that he would go and check on starting the generator after he went to the bathroom.  I told him that starting the generator would make the power come on and sure enough the power did come on while he was still in the bathroom.  
  • I helped Campbell and Graham get ready while Robby showered.  Then Robby and Campbell dropped Graham off at school while I headed to the shower.  Anderson came in the bathroom and asked if he could get breakfast and I said that he could but to take it to the school room and get started with his work.  I was pretty surprised when I made it to the school room and saw Reagan, Anderson and Keaton all sitting at the little card table in there with their milks, pop tarts and Reagan was slicing a banana for Keaton onto her plate.  It was the cutest thing ever-and how nice to know that they can get breakfast all by themselves.  
  • School was fine even though Reagan and Anderson were so distracted (even while Campbell was not home yet.)  They did finish by the time for us to leave to pick up Graham.  We were the first ones in the pick up line because I wanted to leave in plenty of time to fight the crazy rain today.  Graham had a good day at school and was ready to get to Grannymom's house to play.
  • They all had fun playing with Grannymom's "new" toys-except they weren't new, they were only reorganized.  And Campbell was happy to report that they had a "snack-y lunch."  The kids always enjoy having a snack of any kind even if it is for lunch,
  • Graham and Reagan had a bit of a tiff while picking up toys before leaving so when they made it home, they were sent to their beds.  After yesterdays poor behavior at Beebee's place, I am working under a "no tolerance" policy.  
  • Anderson, who would be the best only child, spend the afternoon playing in the toy room, watching a movie and playing on the ipad.  Keaton had a great afternoo nap and Campbell helped me fold laundry, unload groceries and make some soup for this weekend.
  • We had our supper and then the boys cleaned the toy room and the girls worked downstairs.  And that is when I noticed that Reagan was scratching again.  I lifted up her shirt and noticed that her itchy bumps were back again.  This time they were in the shape of the heart on her shirt-I guess that is what caused the problem last night (I hope anyway).  Poor thing gets pretty tired at night after I dope her up with Benedryl.
  • The kids were super excited to use the bubble bath that I had bought today at the store-crazy excited.  I didn't think I could get anyone in a bubble bath-even Keaton enjoyed eating the bubbles.  Then Robby read a book and we watched The Price is Right together.  I guess that Robby and I haven't watched the Price is Right in years-we were so excited-excited enough that we might have scared one or two of the kiddos.