February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Snacks!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Sunday morning and things went as usual around here-I dressed the kids while Robby got ready and then he fed the kids while I showered.  We were in the car on time with little drama.  
  • At church we were told that Keaton was going to move up to the next pod on Sunday and Wednesday nights.  That makes me incredibly sad but she will survive as the others did.  She adores her current teachers and so do I.
  • Church was good this morning.  We had a pretty loud "amen-er" in our service (which I loved) and Anderson really wanted to get in on the "amen-ing" action.  Through out the service he would say "amen" after the prayers but I was slightly worried that "preach it" was going to come out of his mouth at some point during the sermon as the other man said several times.  And that would have been fine as long as he was listening. 
  • My Anderson has also started really belting out the songs during church which I absolutely adore.  Now, he will really only sing the song though if it has a catchy chorus or is something that he can easily read.  Reagan will occasionally sing but her singing is probably drowned out by Anderson.  Though all afternoon long, I have heard her singing songs from big church this morning.
  • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops house-super bowl food: hoagies, wienies, chips and dip.  The kids had time to play afterwards and even came home with party favors (from the neighbors birthday party).  Reagan said "this really was like a birthday party."
  • At home, everyone did our standard Sunday afternoon activities.  Then we decided to go on a walk to the end of the road again.  This time Reagan opted not to ride her bike which was fine (this time).  Graham's pedal came off at the end of the road so we had to roll his bike back.  Reagan, Graham and Robby later took another walk the other way with her scooter.  I stayed back and played baseball and basketball with the others.  Then we did that walk again with all of the scooters.  One neighbor has two dogs that rarely leave their yard but they scared her to death each time she walked by their house.  
  • Back in the house, we all headed upstairs to the bonus room.  It is pretty easy to give baths up there-plenty of hot water and the rest of us can watch tv or play while being right near the bather.  After most of the kids had taken their baths, I fixed supper for them and brought it upstairs.  The plan was sandwiches but since I only had one loaf of frozen bread that wasn't an option.  Cheese and crackers and peanut butter and crackers were put on the menu-Graham was so excited that we were having a "snacky supper."  
  • We watched the halftime show with the kids and Reagan said "her clothes are weird" and then she added "I won't ever wear anything like that."  Those were wonderful words to hear.  But the true entertainment during that halftime show was Campbell doing her best rendition of Beyonce.  Campbell was giving it her all-just dancing her little heart out.  
  • Reagan and I played a bit of ping pong during the Super Bowl blackout and she did pretty well.  Then I played with all of the others-and I can't say the same!  They enjoyed it though and that was all that mattered.  Keaton was put to bed first and then I did some laundry and then it was bedtime for the rest of the crew.
  • Robby and I then started out Super Bowl party with cookies and some coke.  Oh, maybe that isn't a Super Bowl party since we do that every night!