February 26, 2013

How do I hit that little ball?
(click here for today's pictures)
  • When Graham got into bed with us this morning it was 10 til 7 and Robby made it clear to him that it was not yet 7.  He was pretty sure that his clock said 7, so we let it slide.  Tonight as we tucked them into bed, we saw that their clock is indeed 10 minutes fast.  Probably should turn that clock back at least 10 minutes, maybe 30 or 40 minutes!
  • Robby took Graham to school this morning.  Poor Campbell usually goes with Robby to take Graham on Thursdays but to her everyday is Thursday.  So each and every morning, she is upset that she can not got with Robby to take Graham.  
  • This morning though, she was pretty distracted with breakfast-who knows what I will do tomorrow for breakfast since I am out of bread and nearly out of milk.  It is funny to think that even though I am missing one child at school, there are still 4 more here.  We all had breakfast and then started on school.
  • There was little drama today-really only one incident.  Most of Anderson's work has to be done with me so when he has finished his math and phonics, he usually is just stuck waiting on me.  So today, I worked with him on half of his stuff after he had finished and told him he could play in my room with a toy that Campbell had pulled out.  Now Reagan has more independent work and had been fiddling around this morning, so when she still had work in her boxes and work to do with me, she was very upset.  She just cried and cried saying "I want to play too before school is over."  Gracious me, I made time for her to play before school was over-my kids do not realize how fortunate they are.
  • Soon it was time for some science and history reading.  Poor Keaton was not pleased with my book choices and soon ended up in her bed.  It was for only about 10 minutes but when I went to get her out, she was sound asleep.  It took me nearly 10 more minutes to wake her back up.  
  • Meanwhile, the others were looking at pictures from our Hawaii trip when Robby held a cephalopod.  Yep, that is what science is all about this week-cephalopods.  Certainly a word I had never heard-means head-footed animal.  An octopus is the type of cephalopod that Robby held.
  • Next up was lunch and then Reagan and Anderson played upstairs while my little girls helped me do laundry and dust.  Then we all headed upstairs with the others.  Keaton's favorite word now is "up, up, up" as we are going up the stairs.  She loves the toy room and didn't even pay any attention to me and Campbell as we worked on pulling out bottles and baby clothes for the new baby.  
  • Soon it was Keaton's real nap time and the others watched a movie.  I told Campbell that she had to stay and watch the movies or go to bed (otherwise, she would just follow me around).  About an hour later, when I went to check on everyone I was shocked to see that she was still awake-I had thought that certainly she would have fallen asleep since she can usually only watch 5 minutes before she is through.  Her movie choice today was "Cake Boss"-how funny, Graham used to always watch that show but now Campbell is the one enjoying it.
  • Robby had to work later than usual and then had to pick up Graham and then run another errand.  They didn't make it home until the rest of us had eaten supper, picked up and gotten pajamas out for baths.  Graham and Robby did manage to eat before they came home and Graham was delighted that he had eaten a cookie while out and about.
  • Then it was bath time along with everyone's coveted ipad time.  Next up was bedtime for the kids-Campbell hasn't coughed too much today so hopefully she is over her crud.  Keaton's nose is pretty runny but she is sleeping fine and feels fine so maybe this little cold has been passed around enough.