February 20, 2013

Yes, he is a strange one...
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  • Wednesdays can be really good days or really bad days for us.  We have school and then a bit of downtime before heading to see Beebee and Papaw and then rushing to church.  Today was actually not too good and not too bad.  
  • We woke up, had breakfast and started school.  This morning I thought I would try working just with Graham to finish all of his work to fill up his attention tank.  That idea worked out fairly well but it wasn't a perfect plan.  Reagan wasn't pleased that Graham was getting to work with me first since she is always last.  In her defense, if I start working with him first then she will be not just last but third and last.  (She can't be after Graham because most of Anderson's work has to be finished with me.)
  • Anyway, we finished school and had time to read a few library books before lunch.  Those kids still love the oranges but they did offer up a few more to Keaton today (she was stuck with a banana until they passed some pieces on to her.)
  • Soon after lunch, I put Keaton to bed and then did a few chores, helped everyone get ready, loaded the car and climbed in the shower to warm up.  Before I got out, Robby called to say that church had been cancelled but we pressed on with our plans to go and see Beebee and Papaw.
  • As we were still on Jacqueline, Anderson shouted that his nose was bleeding.  I called "look up" as I stopped to get a wipey for him and to help Reagan get him some napkins.  When I looked back to check on him, I saw not only Anderson "looking up" but also Graham and Campbell "looking up."  
  • I was still giggling about that when Anderson looked out of the window and saw a horse.  He then said "I just saw a horse that looked like a rock star horse."  The horse did have a full, wispy mane and was standing with one leg out in front of the other.  Kind of did look like a rock star horse.  I giggled all of the way to Beebee and Papaw's place.
  • When we made it there, it was only drizzling and the kids were pretty excited about seeing their great grandparents since we didn't see them last week.  Papaw was actually asleep and slept the entire time that we were there.  Beebee passed the kids out candy, cookies, more candy and more cookies.  She even offered popcorn but seriously, that was plenty for them.  So the kiddos on their sugar high got a bit wild.  Wild enough for them to get into big trouble when they climbed into the van.  Everyone rode home in silence and then were told to put on their pajamas when they made it home.
  • Soon Robby was home with pizza and we dined on it before heading upstairs for our nightly baths, ipad time and movie.  Robby tried to turn on Price is Right for the kids but it didn't work and by then it was bed time.  
  • Oh, yes before baths, I noticed Reagan scratching and scratching.  I looked at her tummy and she had a rash all over her body.  We quickly put her in the shower, benedryled her up and then rubbed her down with hydrocortisone.  The only thing we can figure out that caused this was the kids rolling around and climbing in 4 boxes that were delivered today.  After supper, we had the kids unload about 10 huge boxes of diapers and carry them upstairs.  They celebrated that their work was complete with playing with the boxes.  Hopefully that was the cause of her itchiness but thankfully her shower and medicine helped.