February 15, 2013

Celebrating Valentine's with friends!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • To the kids this was another Valentine's day since we had our big party this morning.  Graham must have been super excited because he was in our bed by 2 last night.  I have learned that if I just turn my back to him, he doesn't bother me one bit.  But this move of mine causes Graham to start rolling to Robby's side and Robby did eventually end up in the living room.
  • I heard Robby's alarm go off at 6:40 and knew that I really should get up and get our morning started but I opted to roll over and not act like I heard it.  Soon though, we were all up and moving.  I quickly had my shower and then started handing out breakfast.
  • I told Reagan and Anderson that they would have to finish phonics and math this morning so they started as soon as they finished breakfast.  Anderson breezed through his today but Reagan's math was a bit hard so it took her longer.  I told her she could just catch up on her phonics on Tuesday and she was shocked!  She still had to pack for her night at Nonna's house-my kids just love packing-packing to leave-hmm, wonder if that is a bad thing?
  • It didn't take too long for us to all be loaded (I had loaded the car last night with most of our stuff) and  we were on our way to Sara's house for our Valentine's party.  The kids were so excited-especially Campbell who had asked me a zillion questions about what we were going to do-are we going to eat there? can I wear my sunglasses? am I going to take my smarties?-and on and on it went.      
  • Speaking of Campbell-yesterday as we were spending all of that time in the Krispy Kreme bathroom, I asked her if she would be my Valentine.  Campbell told me no and then added "Daddy will be your Valentine." I was pretty shocked that she had turned me down so I asked who was going to be her Valentine and she told me that Reagan would be her Valentine.
  • We were the first to arrive so the kids helped set up our kiddie tables and chairs in the garage.  Then everyone started playing.  Our first activity was finding 50 hearts that Sara had hidden around her house-and hidden them she had.  It took quite awhile for the kids to find most of them.  The person that found heart number 50 was to win a prize.  For the longest, no one did find that heart but eventually Campbell did find it! (with a little help).  She even received a prize for finding it!
  • Next up was a snack (fruit) and then an owl craft.  Amber had a game-throwing heart candy into heart shaped pans.  If you made it, then you could eat your candy, if not you had to try again.  This game was such a big hit that we even had to play it again before we all left.  
  • The kids were completely happy (and surprisingly quiet) playing outside and in the house.  We eventually decided that since they were so quiet it was time for the grown ups to eat.  So we all ate and then let the kids eat.  After they ate, they played some more. 
  • We did have a grown up craft project-making some Valentines for those who had forgotten theirs.  In their defense though, we had never really discussed that we would all have Valentines to pass out to each other.  But when it was time to pass out Valentines, the kids were mega excited.  Campbell wasn't real sure why I was making her give all of her candy away but she eventually caught on and really enjoyed it when everyone started passing her valentines too.  
  • After a group picture, it was time to head to Nonna's house to drop Reagan off for her night at Nonna and Pops house.  Pops called after spending quite a few hours at the mall saying that Nonna and Reagan were having a blast walking around and looking at things.  Reagan was enjoying every second of it but Pops was starting to regret his decision of coming with Reagan and Nonna.
  • Back at our house, Keaton finished her nap from the car while Campbell, Anderson and Graham watched a movie.  Before the movie ended, Campbell and I were cuddled up on the couch asleep.  Before too long, Robby came home with some more ingredients for supper and we started work on that.
  • Grannymom called and asked if Graham could spend the night and he was more than pleased to do so.  He quickly packed his bag and was ready to go.  The rest of us (down to 3 kids) had hamburgers and cheese dip for supper and then made Valentine's cookies.
  • After baths for the kids, we ate our cookies and watched a Superman movie before bed.  While upstairs, I had forgotten my computer and Robby ran down to get it.  When he returned, I said thanks and Anderson said "that was the least he could do."  Very, very true.