February 5, 2013

Girl loves her some stripes!
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  • This morning started out the same as yesterday except that Graham and Robby were the only ones leaving bright and early.  But by the time that they left, everyone else was ready for breakfast.  
  • Instead of eating at the bar, we opted for the school room.  We were planning on leaving the house at 10 so we had to get going.  I made it very clear to Anderson and Reagan that what was not finished was going to be finished when we came home-Anderson after dropping Reagan off and Reagan after the party.  Reagan got busy and didn't waste any time but Anderson was just sitting once he got stumped on something.  He only ended up with his reading book, math and math video along with watching a missionary video for Sparks.
  • When it was time for Reagan to get dressed, she still had a few things left.  But after getting ready she had a few more minutes and knocked out everything else-well, there was one more thing but I just put it in her tomorrow's box.
  • So then we loaded up and headed to Alyssa Kate's house.  I just pulled over in the street to let Reagan out and instead of her climbing out the other doors, I let her climb out my door.  As she was getting out, she put her hand on the horn and it just blared.  It was a pretty good honk before Reagan or I realized what the sound was.  She was so embarrassed-but she didn't have to ring the doorbell to get Alyssa Kate to open the door!
  • I figured I better make good use of our West Little Rock trip with only 3 kids in tow and we stopped at the grocery store.  I only had 1/2 a loaf of bread and 1/2 a gallon of milk at home so we stocked up.  Campbell and Anderson took turns pushing a tiny shopping cart around and then I made the mistake of walking down the toy aisle.  Anderson looked at EVERY SINGLE toy on those aisles.  I eventually tried to explain that the milk was going to spoil if we didn't hurry up and leave.  
  • Once we made it home, we finished Anderson's school work and watched his missionary video while eating lunch.  Then I had Anderson count out a bit of money for me.  I pulled out my little bucket filled with change and he exclaimed "is this Daddy and your money?"  I said that it was and he then asked "how did you have enough to buy the house?"  I tried to explain that Daddy had a bit more in the bank-not much more but a bit more.
  • And another delightful thing I heard today from Anderson was "your belly is sure getting big.  What if it get's so big that it explodes and you die!"  I was speechless but Campbell added "if you die, we will cry."  Those were comforting words to hear.
  • Anderson begged me to play outside with him but I told him no but after looking at the clock, it wasn't yet time for Keaton's nap so we did go outside for a bit.  Anderson loves playing basketball now and is so surprised when he beats his 31 week pregnant mom who is usually holding an 18 month old and her teammate is a 3 year old during the basketball games.  Though Campbell did score a point today during the game-she was thrilled that she made a goal!  
  • Next up was a nap for Keaton while I tried to get Campbell interested in watching a movie with Anderson.  I passed out snacks and drinks but she just hung by my side.  I did let her help me with a few chores including some work in the attic (don't worry, it is floored) but to her it was magical going in the scary dark attic with me.  
  • After Keaton's nap, we headed back outside for more b-ball (that is what kids call it these days says Anderson).  We walked along our little trail, looked for flowers and had a good afternoon.  Keaton found the picnic table and just sat at it holding her little phone practically the whole time we were outside.   
  • Graham had spent the afternoon at Grannymom's house.  This morning as he was leaving, he asked if he could take his pencil box to work on with Grandpa.  So he did that and was even able to earn 2 dollars by working outside and found a few feathers.  What could be better?
  • Soon Graham and Robby came home and we had hamburgers for supper.  Then we went upstairs to the bonus room for baths and to watch Anderson's missionary video again-it was a big hit.  As we were starting the movie, Robby got a text and said "the front door is open?"  That was a bit eerie so I headed downstairs (hmm, come to think of it why didn't Robby go?)  But it was Reagan-Ms. Candace had brought her home after the party.  She said that Reagan didn't even ring the doorbell, she just started punching in the code to open the door.  
  • Reagan had a wonderful time at the party-nail painting, pancakes at IHOP, playing outside, necklace making, skating and pizza eating.  She was pretty exhausted from her day on the town.  And everyone else was pretty exhausted too!  Love nights like that.