February 18, 2013

Happy Presidents' Day!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Since this was a semi-holiday, we still woke up at the same time.  Reagan and Anderson had school this morning and Reagan, as always, was pretty eager to go.  She decided to take her ball that she bought with tickets at Larrys pizza this weekend.  Initially, she was going to talk about Nonna's foot which she had surgery on today.  She decided that she might talk about that next week and take Nonna's xray to show the class.
  • Robby and Campbell dropped Reagan and Anderson off at school and then they ran to get gas for the big van.  Meanwhile, Graham and I worked on his reading book. Last time we worked on it, he told me that he couldn't remember anything and frustrated me so that we had to quit.  But today, working on the very same lesson, he did everything perfectly.  It is all about attention with him-if he feels he is getting enough, his behavior is good and if not then his behavior is very, very poor.
  • Once they made it home, I finished straightening while Robby ran and ran and ran.  Seriously, I had Graham check a few times to see if he could still hear him on the treadmill.  Turns out he ran/walked for 90 minutes but was well entertained by watching a few episodes of Downton Abbey.  
  • While Robby ran, the rest of us played picnic with Keaton, had a snack, made a few cards and they played with their bouncy balls.
  • Eventually, we had a quick lunch and put Keaton down for a power nap.  Then Robby decided that we would need an activity so after an episode of Woody Woodpecker, we loaded up and headed to Kroger.  I usually shop on Thursdays but since I had already cut my coupons and made my list, we went on.  
  • Graham and Campbell enjoyed riding in the little shopping cart car until they decided that they were squished.  So one of them was able to walk while the other rode.  And eventually, Keaton ended up in the car and could have shopped in that thing forever.  It was a pretty expensive little outing and by this evening, I was already making a list of other things that we needed.
  • The kids were good (kind of) so they picked out oreos for the car and we picked out cupcakes for after supper.  We picked up Reagan and Anderson who had both had a very good day at school and devoured a package of oreos on the way home.  
  • Once at home, everyone helped unload the car and then they played in the toy room.  While they did that, Robby tried a detox bath that I had read about on pinterest.  He said that he would classify his bath of hydrogen peroxide and ginger as a fail.  
  • Soon we had jambalaya for supper-it was a bit spicy.  Actually, for the kids it was probably crazy spicy but they were all good sports and tried it.  I can't say that tomorrow's meal will be too much better since I am going to try to make lo mein noodles like we had the other day at Pei Wei.  We did reward their attempts at trying something new (and spicy) with cupcakes so they were thrilled.
  • Then they had 3 more minutes of a movie to watch but before we knew it, Reagan had swung her coat to hit Graham.  She was probably provoked but who really knows what happened so everyone (we are a team after all) had to sit in the kitchen with us until we had finished cleaning it.  
  • Next up was baths for the boys while the girls picked up the toy room and then baths for the girls while the boys picked up downstairs.  Then they all were put to bed-don't feel too bad for our poor punished kids-they only went to bed about 30 minutes early!
  • While we were tucking everyone in, I laid Keaton down in the now empty crib up in the kids room.  She grinned and laid still for a minute and then she started bouncing up and down on the squeaky mattress.  But before Robby could even finish with his prayer, she was screaming for me to get her out of there.  I guess it will be a bit longer before we move her to the big kids room.