February 1, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • You know that it is going to be a good day when you are still laying in bed at 8:30.  The kids didn't really start stirring until 8ish and even though Graham and Campbell briefly came downstairs, they went back up to the toy room.  I really could have stayed in bed longer but did start to feel guilty.  As Robby was leaving, I told him that I wish I was one of those people that could just cancel school for the day but alas I am not able to do that at all.
  • After I was showered (and back in pajamas) I woke Keaton up and we all had breakfast.  We had leftover Dunkin Donuts from last night and cinnamon rolls that Robby had picked up at the store.  Earlier in the week, Reagan had asked if we could use her cupcake maker to make muffins for breakfast and I had said yes.  And now we had forgotten about it until a today when we had tons of breakfast choices.  I did tell her we could do it tomorrow-hope we remember.
  • Next up we started school.  Wednesday, with everyone here, went so smoothly that I was expecting that to happen again today-it did not!  Oh, school was fine though and it did help that today was Friday so they do have a lighter load.  Campbell couldn't find anything to occupy herself-she is at a hard age because if she is going to do something schoolish, I need to be there to help her.  Graham is also just in between.  He needs something to do but he also needs constant attention/supervision.  
  • Anyway, Graham did enjoy doing his reading book again, his kindergarten worksheets (which are a bit hard) and reading a few sight words.  (Notice his big grin in the pictures).  His words are "I, the, mom, dad, a and no."  Reagan and Anderson did well on finishing their work-of course on Fridays we  have ipad time (I pick the games-he, he!) and they also get to pick a project to work on (more on that later).  
  • We had a groundhog activity that we did involving the scientific method (sounds fancy, huh?) and then science reading right before lunch. Today during lunch I did read a few of their library books.  And then it was project time.  Campbell picked playing with Reagan's paper princess dolls.  Reagan worked with her sticker dolls.  Anderson painted one of his put together construction vehicles.  Keaton ate an apple in her high chair (anything to keep her busy).  And Grahammer.
  • My Graham didn't have many crafty choices-just a pencil box from Cash's birthday (which he told me that he needed to put together with Grandpa) and a wooden pirate ship.  We started on his ship and I let him color a few of the pieces.  After I helped Anderson paint some, I started to feel bad that Graham wasn't getting to do much.  So I told him that we could put the first step together-mistake!  This should have been a Daddy project and not a Mommy project.  To complete the first step, we had to put together at least 25 pieces.  Seriously, Keaton was asleep in the high chair by the time we finished that step.  
  • While we were working, Graham had a theory on things.  He said "Grandpa fixes wood type things, Pops fixes bicycles and stuff and Daddy does other stuff."  I think he might be pretty accurate with this description and plan on sending that wooden pirate ship to Grandpa.  Anderson has one too-oh, my.  I guess I probably shouldn't have put that on their Christmas lists-what was I thinking.
  • After we cleaned up our project mess, Keaton went to bed and the others played upstairs while I straightened downstairs.  It is nice having people over 2 nights in a row because the house is fairly clean, the food is already cooked and the dishes are clean in the dishwasher and ready to be used again.  When I finished downstairs, the kids helped pick up upstairs and then they had a snack and watched a few shows while I had a shower.  
  • Soon Robby was home and the kids were running wild.  They were pretty excited about having people over and soon Jacob, Ethan, Hayley, Laynie, Camryn and Kennedy arrived.  Then things got wild!  Something about having people over cause my kids to run around like crazy-seriously.  
  • We had supper (soups, grilled cheese, bread, spaghettios for the kids, cheesecake bars and brownies).  The kids ate and then played air hockey and fooz ball in the bonus room.  They even played a few games and after awhile, they all settled down and the grown ups could even relax and talk.  
  • Graham must have been exhausted because he fell asleep in Robby's lap and at one time, I sat Keaton in a chair with her milk while I got up to grab something and I think she was so tired that she fell out on her face.  She was fine after she finally caught her breath from screaming.  
  • When our guests left, we helped the kids clean up the toy room along with the bonus room.  Then we even made them clean up the kitchen-ha!  It is important to learn that many hands make light work and that this Dennie team works together.  They were exhausted when they finally went to bed-around 10-and hopefully will sleep late again tomorrow.  But it is Saturday so I am expected the first child to arrive in our bed at 5!