February 7, 2013

Frizzy hair day?
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  • I was having the best dream last night about somebody's baby crying.  It was the best dream because it wasn't my baby and I didn't have to worry about it.  Unfortunately, I woke up and it was my baby fussing.  I laid in bed listening to her scream and Robby snore.  I eventually went to check on her, change her diaper and get her back to sleep.  That didn't work so I quietly brought her to our bed.
  • That little thing didn't want for me to touch her in any way but she wanted to lay on my big belly, or on my neck or even my head.  She would be still until I had to move her-Baby 6 was kicking the fire out of me with Keaton laying on top of her.  Keaton did eventually notice the noise coming from the other side of the bed and started to grab at Robby.  I was trying to keep her still and quiet since it was almost time for him to get up and run but after she woke him up, he told me that he wasn't going to run so early this morning.  I was trying to wait her out and put her back to bed to scream when he got up but since he wasn't getting up early, back to bed she went.
  • Campbell and Graham were the first ones up.  Robby told them to go upstairs and bring down their clothes and that they did.  I made their breakfast and by that time Anderson was up and asking to eat as well.  As soon Robby and Campbell took Graham to school, I told Reagan and Anderson to go and start on school.  I even had them go and wake up Keaton to do this.
  • I moved Keaton's high chair so she could watch Reagan and Anderson "work" while I had my shower.  Robby's only errands this morning were dropping of Graham and then washing the van.  So we had to hurry, hurry to get school done.  We did pretty good and once Campbell and Robby made it home, they all eventually disappeared upstairs with Keaton.  Robby gave those girls baths and gave us quite a bit more time to finish school.  By 10:30 even Anderson was finished and we were all having a snack reading science.
  • I dropped them all off at Grannymom's house while I ran to Walmart and Kroger.  They had a big time at Grannymom's house but by the time I got there, my Campbell was feeling a bit warm.  And as soon as we came inside the house, I saw Reagan getting her a pillow and then covering her up on the couch.  She slept off and on for a bit and then followed me around with her pillow while I did laundry upstairs and then downstairs.  
  • She has had a bit of a cough just in the mornings and a slight runny nose for a few days.  She can only tell us that her tummy hurts and she hasn't had much of an appetite but I doubt it is her tummy.  The last time she had ear infections she never would say that her ears hurt.  We will see how the night/morning goes and may have to get her a doctors appointment.  
  • Campbell was feeling a bit better to join Robby and Anderson outside for a bit.  Reagan had been inside and then tried to find the guys outside but couldn't.  So I walked to the end of our road with Campbell, Keaton and her lawnmower and Reagan in search of the guys.  We found them and joined the last part of of their walk. 
  • Then we went back inside for crockpot enchiladas-a new recipe from the church cookbook.  It was pretty good but Anderson and Campbell were pretty sure that we were trying to feed them poison.  We did get Anderson to take a few bites and Campbell eventually decided that she didn't want to eat her food, drink coke or eat a dessert.  Poor thing, by then her fever had come back and as she took my phone she said "games make my tummy better."
  • We watched a movie upstairs while the kids took baths.  Keaton was a fussy gussy this evening and she was sent to bed early and missed the two books that Robby read to the kids.  By the time the books were finished, Campbell was snoozing in the floor.  
  • Graham had spend the afternoon and evening with Nonna, Pops, Uncle Jason and his Great Uncle Hank.  They had a trip to Larry's pizza and Pops spent my inheritance to win that boy some tickets.  Jason sent a video and Graham was so pleased with all of his prizes!