April 1, 2013

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Meet the new coach!

  • Of course this morning was a school morning so we should have been up and moving and not laying in bed at 7:15.  I was the grown up this morning-got up first, got ready and even got everyone else ready.  So now I am going to pass that baton on to Robby and he can be the grown up for the next few days after we get back home.  
  • We still all made it where we needed to be on time.  The little girls went to Nonna and Pops' house to play.  Nonna had a doctor's appointment but Pops held down the fort well and both girls were snuggled in his lap when Nonna arrived home.
  • Graham went to Ms. Stacy's class today and had birthday bash.  I had written out his book order and laid it on top of the other's backpacks for today but it was absent this morning-driving me crazy.  But on the other side of the building, Reagan found it in her backpack and told her teacher that she wonders if her mom was looking for this-and indeed I was.  
  • After working frantically at home finishing a few chores and finishing packing everyone up, it was time to pick up Graham.  And speaking of packing, the kids could go away for 1 night or 47 nights and I would still have to pack the same amount of stuff-night time toys, medicine, diapers, toothbrushes and on and on the list goes.  Everyone was very pleased that I let them all bring their own bag filled with toys and night time toys-all except Anderson.  He just wanted to watch a movie this afternoon and not pack anything.  That means less to carry which was fine by me.  
  • We had lunch at Nonna's house and Graham desperately wanted to go outside to play.  So we all went out and watched him ride his bike.  He is fairly good about looking both ways before getting in the street and Campbell is as well.  They ride from my parent's house to my grandparents' house and back.  Of course, Keaton also thought she should be able to do this on her little ride on toy so that is what she did as well.
  • At home, Keaton had a nap while Graham and Campbell played with playdoh.  I was about to close my eyes when Robby asked if I could get Reagan and Anderson from school.  He usually picks them up but needed to finish a few things before his two weeks "off" (not really "off" because he will be still doing his real work plus the work around here.)  So we loaded up and headed back to church (yes, my 3rd trip of the day for those that had lost count!)  
  • Someone in Reagan's class had a birthday and they brought popcorn so she had a good day at school and was planning on what she would bringing to school for her birthday.  (That would be next September when we probably won't be at Comm Central!  Though she did preface her snack choice with "if we go to school next year.")  And Anderson also had a good day.  He came home with a sticker-when I asked him if he earned his sticker today, he was typical boy and said "yep" with no excitement or elaboration.  
  • Back at home, everyone was pretty excited about leaving to start their baby-cation.  And within an hour of being home, it was time to start scurrying around to leave again.  I put on 6 shin gaurds and 6 shoes, packed the ice chest into the previously loaded up car and then we were off for soccer practice.
  • The boys did well-Graham gets the idea but he is still just so little.  Reagan did well but doesn't seem to be as focused as last year.  And Campbell didn't see why she wasn't getting to play as much as she thought she should have.  She did have on her new coach shirt but that still didn't allow her enough access onto the field as she would like.  The kids really enjoyed having a picnic during practice and it kills time while they wait for the others to finish practice.  Jason was there this evening so he was able to entertain Keaton some and take the big ones on a walk.
  • Once practice was over, Jason volunteered to take Graham to Nonna's house where he will spend the night.  And then we took the remaining kids and vans over to Grannymom's house where they will spend the night.  Graham will go to school in the morning and then catch up with the others.  Everyone was so excited to go-or maybe they were excited to see us go!
  • We have to be at the hospital at 7 in the morning and are crossing our fingers for a baby around 5 (that would be really good for me!)