June 12, 2013

Wednesday Dinner Outside!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Whitman ate sometime in the middle of the night-it was dark when I started feeding him and dark when he had finished his bottle, so I am going to guess it was around 3ish.  Though I really don't know because I couldn't see the hour number on the clock-and I was too tired to take another step closer to look.  Last night was the first night in a while that he went right back to sleep and I was able to lay him back into his bouncy...or maybe it wasn't I really can't remember!
  • We were up and ready at a decent time.  And even left on time-though I am beginning to get a complex since the workers in Whitman's class say every morning "We were wondering if he was going to come."  I guess he is the last one in his class each day but we still arrive on time.  
  • Today was pancake and waffle day at home so the kids were pleased about that. After I served up the food, I ran off to get ready so we could leave on time.  The kids are getting better about loading up-Monday after putting on their shoes, the boys took off on their bikes.  And I mean took off...I had to use my crazy mother voice to reign them back into the garage.  
  • The kids were very pleased again about putting their offering in.  This time I gave everyone 3 quarters.  Last night Robby had suggested that the kids put some of their money into the offering.  That did not go over to well.  I guess that we will have to start talking about being generous.  Though today when Beebee gave them 2 dollars apiece-one for this week and one for last week when she forgot-I told them that they would put one in their bank and one in the offering plate.  
  • After VBS, Robby helped me pick up the crew and then we headed to Arbys to eat lunch.  Everyone was hungry because they all finished a sandwich.  All but Keaton, it is hard to eat when you are busy screaming.  That poor child is just exhausted by the end of the day and taking her anywhere isn't a great idea.  She was even so tired this afternoon that she screamed during her nap time.
  • Next stop was seeing Beebee.  She has a new roommate and the roommate's husband was there so I guess all of this change somehow convinced the kids that they could change their behavior and start acting like a bunch of hoodlums.  Seriously, I would have put them right to bed this afternoon due to their behavior but I didn't think I could handle all of the uproar that would cause!  
  • Back at home, the kids watched some of a movie and had a snack.  Soon Nonna and Pops came over and brought everyone Sonic drinks.  This did give Screaming Keaton a reprieve from her nap so she was able to get up.  By this time in the day, Whitman was hanging out in his diaper and socks.  It is the new style which says "look at me, my mom is frazzled and I am not the only one screaming in this house!"  
  • The boys were so ready to show Nonna and Pops their bike riding skills.  And Reagan hopped right on her bike and took off as well to show off.  She and Graham still needed help starting but they all did well.  
  • After Nonna and Pops left, I went in (and may or may not have locked the door behind me).  I ran around the house picking up a bit, putting laundry up, getting pjs and stuff ready for this evening and putting together supper.  Soon I was out the door again with a pan full of supper for the kids.  We ate at the picnic table and stayed out for a few more minutes-it was a pretty pleasant evening despite the heat today.
  • Once inside, the kids were pretty perfect-we had showers and then the big 4 cleaned a potty.  Graham did his reading book, Reagan worked on picking out her clothes, Campbell put up diapers and Anderson helped out as well.  
  • Soon I put Keaton in bed and the others followed.  They all told me one thing that they learned from VBS today and then Robby who had to work late and he made it home just as we were about to say prayers.  After prayers, it was lights out!