June 15, 2013

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Good 'ole Nerf water gun fight!

  • We didn't hear from anyone until 7:30 this morning-that is a good night!  The kids slowly trickled into our room and the kitchen-the last around 8:30.  It was Campbell and she came in saying "I slept til there wasn't a 7."  
  • The kids all had breakfast and watched a movie and then we quickly moved from there to making a treat for tomorrow and making cards as well.  Then the big 4 went upstairs to change clothes and Keaton got to sit on the kitchen cabinet to help me make cookies for Sunday school.  She would look in my mixer and say "eww."  But after Anderson walked through and had a lick, she was all about sticking her hand in my bowl (I didn't let her-too much-since I am taking them to church.)
  • Oh, yes while I was making those cookies, I realized that I didn't have any eggs.  I checked the fridge outside and told Robby, who was working on the tractor with Grandpa outside, that I would run down the road to pick some up.  It took me nearly an hour before I was able to organize things to be calm enough for me to leave-or sneak out.  And that is what I did-I snuck out of the house.  I was only gone for about 10 minutes and may just start running to the gas station and leave the kids by themselves.  Kidding!  Robby was right out in the garage...this time!
  • The morning flew by with lots of dirt playing and bike riding and soon we were loading up to go to Toys R Us and pick up Kennedy.  We were meeting Kennedy at Toys R Us and we even got lost on the way.  We took the wrong exit and ended up on 630 and where we tried to turn around we couldn't so we had to go to the next exit and turn around.  
  • At the toy store, they had a free lego event.  They had boxes with numbers on them and you were able to gather enough legos to build a little police car.  It was a pretty neat deal and all the kids (except Whitman and Keaton) left with a lego car.  We even let them look around the store for a bit-they were in heaven since we rarely get to look at toys.  We only made it to the legos (right near the door) and then we left-and no one complained.
  • Maybe they were excited about the next activity.  Before we started on that though the kids had lunch and then we all headed outside...for a big water day.  First activity was a water gun fight.  The kids all had lots of fun and did well during the water gun play.  We even had a few water balloons to play with.  Then we moved across the yard to play in the blow up pool and the water hopscotch.  
  • They all had so much fun and were wet and tired when we finally finished.  We herded everyone in for showers and then they had some down time before we headed out again to go and eat pizza.  
  • Seriously, you should have seen Robby and I trying to figure out how many people we had when we were getting the table.  Just adding Kennedy and Jodee was enough to throw us and we had not a clue.  Maybe it was all of the people gawking at us when we walked in with 7 kids that still had us flustered.  The kids were able to "play" the video games while we waited on our pizza and the evening was pretty smooth.
  • Back at home, we had our ice cream and then bedtime for my sleepy crew!