June 13, 2013

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Thursday Evening Swim!

  • Not really sure what Whitman did all day during VBS yesterday but whatever it was led to a wonderful night around here.  His usual routine is to wake up when we put the others to bed and then wake again in the middle of the night.  But last night, he went to bed when the others did which led to me writing last nights blog with no one in my lap which was probably the first time in a few months.  Then I gave him a bottle before we went to sleep and he slept all night...so far that routine isn't happening tonight as Robby is feeding him now and he will probably be handed off to me soon.
  • So this morning we woke up to Graham standing next to my bed.  When I looked at him he said "can I go and look at my kickstand."  Of course that is what everyone does at 6:30 in the morning so out he went to the garage.  He came back grinning from ear to ear-so excited about his kick stand and his new bike riding skills.  Robby worked late last night and thankfully when he came in, he put everyone's new kick stands on their bikes.
  • Robby worked from home today so he was around to help us until we left.  On the way we listened to the preschool cd from VBS.  There is one song on the cd that Reagan's group sings.  She was telling me about it and said "you know, we sing it in the morning.  It is almost like big church."  That made me laugh because the opening of VBS is nothing like big church!
  • Fairly uneventful morning and since Robby was able to help with pick up, it was an uneventful pick up.  My van load headed home and Robby's van load picked up pizza.  Once at home, the kids devoured the pizza-VBS makes you hungry.  
  • Then they played for a while until it was time to watch a few movies.  After their movie, I ushered everyone outside and woke Keaton up to join the others.  They spent most of the time outside trying to get used to using their kickstands.  The kickstands are pretty hard to push up and down right now since they are new.  
  • I came out and we took a little walk and then Robby pushed everyone on the swing.  By this time we were crazy hot and sweaty.  So we put on our suits and headed to the pool.  The water was perfect today and we all swam a bit.  Whitman hung out in the shade and stayed pretty cool.  He spent most of his timing snoozing and then had a bottle as I was trying to dry off before heading home.
  • Before we left, Robby let Reagan and Anderson go down the slide by themselves and then swim to the edge.  Robby was standing on the edge watching them along with the lifeguard but this all made me crazy nervous.  They did it over and over again-poor Graham really wanted to but Robby wouldn't let him.  He told him that after swim lessons next week he could do it.  
  • By the time we made it home, it was after 8 so we put it into high gear with showers, supper, teeth and bed.  The kids are all exhausted but are ready for VBS tomorrow-inflatables for the big 3 and water day for Campbell!