June 3, 2013

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The Boys!

  • We woke up last night to Reagan in our bedroom-this is very rare so it caused some concern (last time was when she had thrown up).  She whispered to me that the lights were out.  I looked around and indeed they were.  No lights mean that their night light is out so Reagan asked if we could turn the light on their monitor on.  I said that wouldn't work and just told her to crawl in bed with us.  I got up because I had to go to the bathroom but it was dark, dark.  I had to use the ipad for light to find my way.  When I came back to bed, Reagan said that she needed the ipad to get down the steps.  She said that she walked to our bedroom "with my hand in front of me like a blind person"
  • Robby figured that others would wake up and figure there wasn't power and we would have a crowded bed or a tumble on the steps so he went to take Reagan's spot in her bed.  He said that he woke up a few times during the night and their room was still dark so he assumed the lights were still off.  They actually came back on within an hour of going off.  Despite all of this, we all slept well and soon Robby was leaving for work.
  • This morning we had our breakfast and then worked on my mounds of laundry.  Actually, I was the only one doing the laundry but everyone else was nearby keeping me happily entertained.  Anderson read a pretty long story to me, Keaton and Campbell fought over sitting in Whitman's bumbo, Reagan named a zillion of her paper dolls, Graham did his reading book and Whitman kicked and kicked his little feet.
  • Soon everyone was upstairs working on legos.  Campbell has decided that she doesn't like her big legos and only wants little legos.  The other kids let her play with them but she often doesn't think she gets as many or the pieces she wants.  This caused her to dump all of the little legos on the floor upstairs-so glad I have a room for toys where I can just shut the door and forget about it.
  • Soon we had lunch and Whitman woke up for me to feed him while making lunch and reading a few stories.  Amazing that babies can be so small yet know exactly when it is the most inconvenient to wake up and start fussing.  Lunch time is one of those times.  I was able to get Graham to help me feed him.  I try to spin it-"who wants to get to hold Whitman?"  Campbell is now on to my trick and will say "I will hold him but not while he has his bottle."  And Reagan will never volunteer now though she does happily feed him if he can be laying on a pillow and not in her lap.
  • After Keaton's nap, everyone headed outside.  They played a bit of ball, rode their scooters and were riding bikes when Jason came over.  He is collecting rocks for his flower beds and this is his 5th time to pick some up.  I figure that we have about 10 dump truck loads full of rock here so he can have all her wants.  
  • The kids enjoyed helping him and he paid them back with a game of soccer and four square.  When Robby came home, he grilled hot dogs and we all had supper on the picnic table.  Robby debated moving it a shadier spot but every spot he thought about was sunny in a matter of minutes.  
  • During supper, Anderson (my non meat eater) said "I like meat, all kinds but not yak."  I don't understand that child sometimes-most of the time.  
  • It was hair cutting time for the boys so they got a quick trim and then everyone had showers.  We let the kids play the ipad for bit before bed.  Hopefully the lights stay on tonight and hopefully Whitman sleeps all night (surely one of those things are bound to happen-probably the first!)