June 10, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • I am not too sure what time Graham climbed in bed with us but it was early.  He told me that his pants were hot and he changed.  I assumed (falsely) that he had wet his pants and he just thought they were sweaty.  I checked his bed and all the pajamas pants that I could find and everything was dry this morning.  Anyway, when he said he had changed, I also assumed that he had changed into his VBS clothes.  I really thought that he was that excited about VBS that he put his clothes on at 4 in the morning.  But I was also wrong about that because he had put on a pajama shirt the same color as the shirt I had laid out.
  • I had hoped that Whitman would wake up around 6 like he had been doing the past few days.  But unfortunately he woke up at 4:30.  So after he ate, I didn't join Robby and Graham back in bed.  I just covered up in the floor and slept until Robby woke me up at 7.  
  • It didn't take long for the kids to get ready since they were all pretty excited about VBS starting.  No one really knew what to expect today but they were ready to go find out.  We arrived in plenty of time to church (my job doesn't start until well after 9).  I had to check the kids in and then started dropping them off one by one-Anderson first, then Reagan, Campbell, Whitman, Graham and Keaton.  By the time that I dropped off Keaton, she knew what was going to happen and started trying to cling to me. She did however walk right in so that was a relief.  
  • Graham was the only one that I saw during the day.  He sat at my table during craft time and was with his friend Grant.  Soon it was time to pick everyone up-this is when things got a bit tricky.  I went class to class picking everyone up and after I gathered each child it just became more difficult-pushing the stroller down the crowded halls, while holding Keaton and a bag and trying to keep up with the others.  Thankfully, Robby showed up and helped me load up and I headed off to get Reagan who was in the sanctuary.
  • Anderson had a birthday party at Larry's pizza so I took him.  It was basically a drop off party because when lunch was over they went back to Ty's house to play.  I think they had cake and then they played water guns.  When Robby picked up Anderson he was soaking wet-don't know if his shoes will ever dry.  He came back with a water gun, a huge bag of candy and a few other goodies.
  • Back at home, Robby stopped by McDonalds to get the kids lunch and everyone was pretty hungry.  Everyone played upstairs for awhile and then Reagan went downstairs to play with Campbell's magnet dolls.  Soon everyone was downstairs with her.  Eventually, I sent everyone to watch a movie so I could get a few things accomplished before Robby came back with Anderson.
  • Around 4, I finally woke Whitman up-he had been sleeping since leaving church.  They said that he was the only one of 2 from his class that would earn a gold star today.  He is such a perfect baby. 
  • We all headed outside to some jump roping, swinging, limboing, tire swinging, dirt playing, bike riding and wasp spraying.  Busy afternoon-Robby sprayed for wasps and the kids enjoyed watching all of that.  He also took off Reagan's training wheels and she does okay on her bike but is terrified the entire time.  She can still start, ride and stop by herself but doesn't enjoy it nearly as much as on Graham's bike-all of that will come with time.  The boys have now progressed to riding down my front step on their bikes.  
  • Robby also briefly took of Campbell's training wheels since she asked.  That didn't go over too well but he did raise her training wheels up pretty high so by next summer she will be without training wheels, I am sure.  
  • Reagan really wanted to eat outside but we told her no and came inside to take showers first.  Then everyone had corn dogs, edamame and yogurt before bed.  Tomorrow is VBS and then grocery store fun!