June 6, 2013

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Blueberry Pickin'

  • This morning Robby woke up with Whitman-I never heard them (that is actually the truth).  All too soon though the room was filled with lots of blueberry pickers.  They took turns on the ipad until it was time to get ready and Reagan was thrilled when I told her that she could pick out her own clothes.  I am surprised that she didn't try to find something purple or that had a blueberry on it.  She is so in to clothing and she sure didn't get that from me or Robby.
  • We had our breakfast and then headed out.  The gps said it was 30 minutes away and it really was.  But we were still the first from our group there.  We were not the first there though-the place was filled with playgroup looking moms and their young children.  Seriously, I had never seen so many gymboree-looking moms in one place.
  • Before we got there, I was afraid that my crew was going to pick way too many berries and I wouldn't have enough cash to pay for them.  But after I saw how long it took to pick I realized I didn't have to worry about that.  
  • Anderson was my best blueberry picker with Reagan right behind him.  Graham was very meticulous about what he picked and Campbell even did well finding the purple ones.  Keaton just enjoyed picking berries, holding the bucket and walking around.  I could never get her to eat a blueberry out there (probably a good thing) but when we made it home, I gave her one and she loved it.  
  • After we had picked my limit, we paid for the berries and went back to help the Heltz' pick more berries.  My pickers were pretty into picking and probably could have filled up another quart or two.  Then we headed to Pinnacle to play at the playground.  The weather could not have been more perfect today-overcast and cool (for June).  
  • The kids played and played and then we all sat to eat-22 kids.  That is quite a crew but it was neat seeing them all eat at the picnic table.  I would like a big old table like that in my house-don't think my kitchen is that big though.  Still trying to figure out where I am going to sit all of my grandkids someday but I guess I have a bit of time.  
  • I let them play for a few more minutes and then we headed home.  I was tempted to climb some of the mountain but knew we wouldn't make it very far with the 3 littles.  Some of our friends quickly came back due to the mud.  We pottied and then headed to pick up some VBS stuff that I need to cut out this weekend (any volunteers?)  
  • It was in Benton so the GPS said to go down ferndale to get there (actually on 5 miles from our house).  It was beautiful and worth the drive-I want to go back to Pinnacle that way soon or in the fall, ooh, can't wait.  Unfortunately, during all of that driving, Keaton had a long nap.  Long enough that she sure didn't need a nap this afternoon so she stayed awake with the others.
  • They watched a movie, had a snack and then all followed Robby outside.  Everyone was pushed on the swing and the boys even went to the end of the road to earn their half mile.  Then it was supper and shower time.  I had a wedding shower to go to tonight and Campbell and Reagan came with me.
  • While at the shower, Reagan is a perfect little lady.  She just sat there and ate so quietly and would smile at people when they talked to her.  Campbell tried her hardest to be a lady as well.  She did roll around on the floor briefly as I was talking to someone but soon recovered.  I was telling her about the girl getting married as we were watching her open presents.  I asked Campbell if someday she would want to have a shower.  She looked at me and said "I just did."  
  • Soon the boys and Keaton were in the parking lot with Robby.  He had a meeting at 7 so we switched cars and switched kids.  Once home, I put Keaton in bed and finished reading a Magic Tree house to the others.  Now Whitman and I are waiting on Robby to come home-I am debating getting on the treadmill or eating some popcorn.  Maybe I will do both-at the same time!