June 25, 2013

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Another blueberry pickin' day!

  • So this was a semi early morning for us-Robby and I were moving furniture before 8 and had already finished the laundry by then as well.  Robby passed out breakfast while I showered.  And today was the day that Anderson and Reagan had been waiting for-I bought them flavored yogurt!  I usually only buy the large container of vanilla (not the strawberry large container because Reagan doesn't like that).  Anderson devoured the key lime pie, Reagan barely touched her peach that she has been begging for and Graham was delighted with his orange flavor but ate more toast than yogurt.  Campbell and Keaton opted for the vanilla and Keaton as always gets her yogurt all over herself!
  • We left the house right after Robby did and then picked Nonna up for the morning.  We went to Roland to pick blueberries.  There were lots less people there today so the kids could spread out.  Anderson began strong and picked lots and then faded.  Graham and Reagan picked and picked the entire time.  And Campbell picked more than I expected as well.  My sweet Keaton worked really hard at picking blueberries and really wanted us to hand her a berry for her to put in her bucket.  At one point she took Anderson's hand and led him to a bush so he could pick some for her.
  • By the time we had picked Nonna's 3 quarts and my 2 quarts, the kids were hot and tired.  They inhaled the juice boxes in the car and then we headed to Nonna's house to drop her off.  She offered an early lunch so I took her up on it.  The kids played while Nonna gathered her food and then we all ate.  Afterwards, Nonna read everyone a book and then it was time to leave.
  • At home, Anderson was ready to watch a movie so I explained that the sooner I could finish my chores, the sooner I could put Keaton to bed and the sooner that he could watch a movie.  So before long, I had children cleaning windows, wiping down counters, dusting and putting laundry up.  Of course they don't do a great job (I really don't either) but at least we get it done and marked off the list (that is really what is important to me!)
  • When we finally finished our work, the kids started watching a movie and I started planning for the school year (yep, I'm a dork) and I also started hauling my garage sale stuff down from the attic.  Seriously, gradually putting a few things at a time in the attic for the garage sale is not a good idea-I had to bring all of those boxes down one by one.
  • Soon I was the one asking the kids to come outside-I had a few things to work on out there.  Usually they are the ones begging me to come out with them and not me telling them to come out with me.  We were still outside when Robby came home and the kids continued playing-tennis, dirt, football, bikes, swing and butterfly catching.  Tonight's interesting thing was that Reagan, my girly girl, said that she might just play flag football this year.  Hmm, I was shocked-we shall see.  
  • While we were on a walk, Jason drove by (he was out picking up rocks).  I put Keaton in his car for the ride back to our house and she was so happy to get to ride in the car.  He worked in the yard picking up rocks while we all sat on the driveway enjoying our popsicles...hmmm, maybe we should have offered to help.  We can another day since he will be back for more rocks.
  • We showered everyone and then had supper.  Next up was reading a few books before bedtime.