June 30, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • Church morning and this was doughnut day so they were quickly passed out and devoured by my Dennie crew.  After a bit, we had all loaded up and were on our way to church.  
  • Mr. Mike took Reagan to her class, Anderson must love his class because he always wants to rush off to it, Graham is the cutest and most polite little kid in his class (maybe a bit biased), Campbell didn't fuss going in (like she did tonight), Keaton played with a baby doll in her class and Whitman loves being cuddled by Ms. Georgia.
  • After church, we headed to Grannymom's house for lunch.  The kids enjoyed swinging after lunch and the boys even tied a rope to Grandpa's truck and tried their best to move it.  We should have just let them keep doing it until they wore out!  
  • At home, Keaton had a nap as did Robby, Campbell and Whitman.  Campbell had taken great care to cover up Whitman with her blanket on the other end of the couch.  Soon as my 3 loads of laundry were folded (all except for the one load that had to be done by tonight-Campbell's sheets-it didn't get dry).
  • Soon we were headed back to church for meeting-Keaton and Whitman went to class.  Robby went to the new building meeting with Anderson and Graham.  And I went to the new Wednesday night meeting with Reagan and Campbell.  Then on to big church for everyone but Campbell who went to her class (against her will).
  • When we left church, Robby told the kids that we could go to Chick Fil A.  The kids were all so excited until we remembered that Chick Fil A is closed on Sundays.  Ha!  Seeing a rainbow in the sky and a stop for snow cones and everyone was happy again.
  • At home, we had to have a bit of supper so pizza was quickly heated and then then kids all changed to their pajamas and headed to bed.