June 23, 2013

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Sunday Night Fun!

  • Sunday morning is doughnut morning and my crew was ready for doughnuts.  There was some debate if they had to eat "those powdered doughnuts."  I explained that their Daddy loved those growing up and they were a special treat.  I believe that the kids were afraid that Robby and I had eaten all of the leftover Krispy Kreme doughnuts-we did not eat all of them!
  • A sweet friend of ours offered to do my worship care this week and I sure let her.  We miss big church when we aren't there and I would have hated to miss hearing my kids sing their little hearts out during worship.  Reagan and Anderson were just singing away.  I leaned down to Anderson during one song and told him that this is what heaven would be like.  He must not have agreed and shook his head at me and said "really, how do you know?"  Heaven to a 6 year old boy probably does not involve sitting still for an hour!
  • Everyone recalled most of their Sunday school lesson and my Graham must have really listened to the story or had heard it before because he was all about raising his hands to answer questions in class.  Reagan and Anderson loaded me down with info on the ark of the covenant and even stumped me with a question.  And Campbell's report from her class was "some people were taking blocks from me."  I asked her for a list of names and will be calling their mothers.  Actually, my Campbell is pretty large for a 3 year old and if someone in her class is brave enough to take something from her, then my hat is off to them. 
  • Reagan missed lunch at Nonna's house and went to play with Kennedy.  Reagan said that had a big time and played dolls, dollhouse and even played Uno.  We will have to play that later this week-or maybe I will put it in her school box-Dennie school starts in less than a month!
  • The kids enjoyed Nonna's pizza for lunch and even devoured the cake that Reagan helped her make.  I brought Reagan and the others home a piece of cake for later.  She was a bit bummed when she realized that she would miss eating her cake.  But will be happy to eat it tomorrow-if it is not my midnight snack.
  • Back at home, we quickly did laundry (mounds and mounds of laundry) and then began our Sunday nap time ritual.  Campbell laid on the couch with me and was asleep before I could even set my timer to wake up.  After about 30 minutes when I went through the house asking folks if they wanted to go swimming, this house woke up and everyone started throwing clothes and running to the car.
  • We met Kennedy and Reagan and swam for about 2 hours.  The big kids are getting really good swimming-Reagan especially, Anderson too and Graham just makes me nervous.  He did go off the slide without anyone to catch him and swam to the ladder but he doesn't know how to come up to take a breath.  And Campbell happily went down the slide, went off the diving board and played with Keaton the entire time.
  • At the pool tonight, Keaton was playing in the water fountains with a bottle and Graham came to a nearby fountain and sprayed her.  She turned and looked at him and said "no, no."  He didn't respond to her so she walked up to him, pointed her finger and said "no, no" again.  I guess she didn't like his response because then she pushed him.   He just sprayed her again and then walked off swatting at her bottom as he walked past.  This little incident was pretty comical to the folks sitting beside me.  
  • After the pool, the kids know to sit on the curb and drink their juice box while we load up the van.  Robby and I were talking about how long it takes to load the van.  Even though the big 4 can get in without a problem, it is all of the little things that take us so long to load up.  Loading up on Sunday mornings are almost comical-4 kids waiting in the van with Robby and I making multiple trips in and out of the house carrying things and more kids into the car.  
  • Anyway, back at the house tonight, we all quickly had showers and then supper.  After supper the kids had their ice cream and then it was to bed for all!  Another good day!