June 14, 2013

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Have you seen anything cuter?

  • Day number 5 of Bible school.  The kids woke up fine this morning and were ready quickly.  Things seemed normal until Robby was outside for awhile.  I briefly wondered where he was but then forgot. A few minutes later, he came back in the house and said "only in the country."  This meant something exciting had happened and we all gathered around.  
  • He discovered a dead raccoon tangled up in our hose reel just a few feet from our trash can.  He said the thing was at least 25 pounds.  He carried it back to the deep woods.  The kids were really interested in the story and then asked "what is a raccoon?"  So we had to find a picture of one to show him and everyone else.
  • The kids all came home with lots of loot from VBS-notice Keaton's pictures-aren't they adorable?  Reagan was a bit sad that the week was over but everyone else is pretty tired.  And they were all tired today because game time was the inflatables and Campbell's class even played in the water.  Another great year at VBS.
  • And Graham was pretty thrilled that it was over because he knew that today was the day that he went home with Will to swim.  Graham said that they swam, had pizza and ice cream.  This was big time stuff to G.  
  • Back at home, the rest of us had Taco Bell on the way home and then the kids went outside first.  Funny because they were always on their scooters but since everyone can ride bikes now, no one has touched the scooters in days!  
  • They all came back in for Keaton's nap and a few movies.  And when Robby and Campbell went to pick up Graham, all of us went back outside.  And there we stayed until almost 6.  The kids all rode their bikes, played in the dirt and swang on the swings.  
  • Just as I was about to come up with supper, we realized that I didn't have any thawed bread.  So we just decided to load up and pick up a fresh loaf on the way to the pool.  At the pool, the kids swam while Robby fixed sandwiches and Anderson's teacher from Comm Central held Whitman.  
  • After supper, Robby stood in the deeper water with Keaton and they caught all the kids as they came down the slide.  Campbell was the only one with floatees.  He said that Anderson and Reagan do pretty good and can swim under the water.  And Graham probably has a false sense of security and can doggie paddle to Robby.  I was a bit less nervous today but still don't like seeing them in the water without floatees....hmm, maybe that is why I can't swim.
  • Whitman spit up a ton on Anderson's teacher and then did the same with me.  His tummy wasn't too pleased but he calmed once we got back in the car.  (Not calm now though but is waiting until I am finished with this blog).  
  • Once home, the kids had showers and to bed-we are getting pretty good at this swimming routine!  If only my washing machines could fold and put up this laundry by themselves!