June 26, 2013

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Swimming with the cousins, Grannymom & Grandpa!

  • Another early day, Graham was up again before 7.  Tonight, Robby reminded him and everyone else that getting out of bed before 7 is breaking the rules.  But really at 6:30 in the morning, we don't really have the energy or thought to send him back to bed.
  • A few minutes after 8, we were on the road to go and see Beebee.  She was in a good mood today and happily dished out candy to the kids-yes, candy at 8:30 in the morning.  Oh, well they say chocolate is good for you-maybe somebody said that or maybe I just made it up.  Sounds good anyway!
  • The boys were delighted to each get to push Beebee down the hall.  Graham rode in Beebee's lap the first trip and on the way back, Keaton didn't want to miss out on a ride and reached to sit in Beebee's lap.  I always give the kids a letter grade when I leave there and Graham started asking as soon as we hit the door what his grade was.  This was the first day in a while that they all earned As.  
  • Funny story, on the way in a man tried to roll his wheelchair out the door as we rolled in.  He asked if I could hold the door for him.  And I knew by the nurses running towards us that he wasn't supposed to be leaving so I just greeted him in my nursing home voice (that would be the polite, louder than normal Southern drawl)  He then told us that he was the Mayor of Arkansas-the kids eyes were huge!  And I then had to explain why I couldn't let the Mayor out the door.  Fun times!
  • We then met Grannymom and Lilly at the pool for the day.  I made Anderson swim across the pool one time and he wasn't happy about it and Graham swam some to me.  I wonder sometimes that if we don't push them some then they will just stay in the shallow end where they can swim some and still feel safe.  Then they will never improve (kind of like my swimming abilities).  Reagan did her best to keep up with Lilly swimming across the pool and Campbell swam further today than during her lessons.
  • We stayed through lunch and Cash came to join us and Robby stopped by to see everyone.  Around 2 we headed home.  The kids patiently drank their juice boxes while I loaded up the van and soon we were all sitting in the cool van headed home.  
  • At home, Keaton had a power nap while the others watched a few movies.  And before long it was after 5 and Robby was home.  We cooked supper while the kids played upstairs.  At first they were fussing but by the time that supper was ready they were all happily playing.  Why is it always like that-when they are happy and content is when we have to call them to eat or leave.
  • After supper we headed out for our nightly walk/bike ride and popsicles.  Tonight's walk was uneventful but last night, oh last night-sometimes I just wish that I could video tape my life.  Anyway, the big 3, Reagan, Anderson and Graham, were about 20 yards in front of me on their bikes-still in the driveway.  Robby was further back withd Campbell and I had the 2 littles in the stroller.  Across the street, a dog came flying out of a house barking away.  It shot through their yard and headed towards the kids.  Down went one bike with a kid running towards me, boom went another one and then crash went another bike.  All 3 of them were screaming, crying and squealing-Graham was doing all 3 and Anderson had the ugly cry going on.  The dog ran within 10 feet of us and turned around and walked home.  Robby and I could not contain our laughter at those chicken Dennie kids.  Seriously, it was hysterical-not to the kids but hysterical to us. 
  • Next up was baths and showers followed by bedtime.  Tomorrow we are going to take it easy around here-no swim lessons, no doctors appointments, no blueberry picking, no grandma visiting, no swimming-just bunco for me!