June 4, 2013

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Keaton loves Grannymom!

  • Whitman slept all night last night-or at least we think he did.  Robby or I don't remember getting up to feed him and we didn't find an empty bottle laying around on the floor.  So I guess that was his official first sleeping through the night.  
  • It was a bit before 7 this morning when all 4 big kids came to our bed.  Anderson was on Robby's side and shook his daddy and said "we slept until 10 and have almost missed lunch."  I guess that we had forgotten to re-set their clock after the power outage.  Apparently they were all pretty panicked about sleeping so late-and heaven forbid missing a meal!
  • Robby left and soon we were all eating breakfast.  When I climbed in the shower, Keaton was still eating her pop tart.  And if you are keeping up, this was not pop tart day.  The boys had pulled pop tarts out of the pantry to eat after they choked down their piece of toast (toast and fruit day).  I told them that if they wanted a pop tart they could after they had eaten 2 slices of toast (any topping they chose-cinnamon, jelly, butter...)
  • Then I pulled out the bread and there were 3 slices.  Seriously, all of my other loafs of bread were frozen.  So I told the kids that today could be pop tart day-they were pleased, way too pleased.  
  • We quickly got ready and headed to Grannymom's house.  I had a doctor's appointment and then headed to pick up a shower gift and then the grocery store.  It was seniors day at the store but I can out run those little electric carts and squeeze past people on walkers so I was done in no time.  
  • Usually when I return to Granymom's house from grocery shopping, the kids say "awww, your back already."  But today when I walked in the door Reagan said "what took you so long?"  I had been pretty pleased with my time-3 stops in less than 3 hours.  I guess that they were excited about going swimming.
  • We had lunch, woke Whitman up to feed him, everyone changed into bathing suits and headed to the pool.  Grannymom came with us and Whitman even dressed out (though after his sunburn, we had no intention of him leaving the shade) 
  • The kids again had fun swimming.  Anderson even said "man, we are going swimming a lot."-that would be 2 times so far this summer-whoo hoo, we are party animals (actually we are going tomorrow as well).  Keaton was happy playing with a bucket and shovel in the water and I need to bring one with us next time we come.  Graham convinced me to let him play with out his floatees and he was fine (he could easily touch where he was).  Campbell played well with the others when she was in the water but was happy playing with Keaton's bucket and the sprays of water too.  Anderson and Reagan found friends from Comm Central that they played with.  
  • We stayed 2 hours (long enough) and Grannymom even bought the kids a popsicle during adult swim.  About when it was time to leave, Reagan, Anderson and Graham started sliding down the slide and did that until we left.  Campbell hasn't worked up enough nerve for the slide yet but I am sure that she will.
  • We then dropped off Grannymom and picked up my cold foods that I had stuffed in Grannymom's fridge.  Once we made it home, everyone helped me unload-well, Graham did have one melt down.  He stood in the mud room holding a bag of groceries crying that he couldn't carry it.  He was told to take it to a closet just 6 feet away but he just stood there holding the "heavy" bag.  I eventually made it clear to him that he would figure out how or there would be no movie for him.  That helped him a bit.
  • After unloading, the kids had showers and then watched a movie.  They were asking for a snack but it was nearly 5 by then.  I did give them a tiny one which they ate while Campbell and I heated up supper.  
  • Robby came home and we ate and pretty soon after that Graham asked to go to bed. He was a tired little fellow.  Reagan and Anderson stayed up and played legos.  And Keaton and Campbell "helped" me clean the school room closet some.  
  • Oh yes, we did have a good snack tonight-4 gallons of Garrett's popcorn from Chicago - delivered by UPS today from a friend of Robby's.  The kids were pretty excited about this-Reagan even ate so much that she didn't want any when I offered it to her again.  She is my pop corn girl so I know that she must have eaten quite a bit.  That is okay, we still have more popcorn that imaginable.  Though, Robby and I have made a good dent in it tonight as we sat on the couch.