June 9, 2013

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Keaton and her babies!

  • Whitman woke up at 6 and then cooed and smiled me until 7.  Being the responsible adult that I am, that is when I climbed back in bed for a power nap!  Soon we were all getting ready and I was running around with a towel on my head.  This bothers Campbell to no end.  She continually told me that I could not wear it to church.  She said that it was a "bathroom towel and not a church hat."  I went on and one explaining why I could wear it and Robby joined in saying that he thought it would work as well.  I wonder if she is already embarrassed of me.  Eventually, she reached up and yanked that towel off of my head.  
  • She isn't the only one with a unique sense of style.  Anderson was working on putting on his dress shoes this morning and said that they were tight.  So I told him that he could wear his sandals instead.  And on the way to church, Campbell said "Anderson has on sandals and his socks."  She was a bit confused since he didn't yet have on his shoes but he was about to put on those sandals with his church socks.  
  • Robby stopped by the donuts for dad table and shared with the crew as we headed to their Sunday school classes.  Keaton just walks right into her class-so glad that she does.  And of course the others are happy as they can be to go in.  Graham was probably in sugar overload after a bit of a donut, brownie in our class for a birthday and then cookies with Mr. Mike.  That might have been the reason that he snored all through church.  
  • After church, we picked up the kids and headed to Nonna's house.  We ate BBQ-Reagan was happy with corn on the cob and all the kids were happy with the fruit plate.  Anderson though doesn't really eat much fruit-I was surprised to see that he had eaten some of his blueberries that were on his plate tonight at supper...until I saw them on the floor!  The kids played and Megan (my next door neighbor growing up) came over with her new baby.  Whitman is about 5 weeks older and he looked huge compared to her newborn.
  • At home, the kids watched a movie while Robby and I tried to nap.  He eventually gave up and went downstairs to fold laundry.  I pressed on and finally got my nap in-had to get Whitman to sleep, Campbell to leave and Graham to hush.  Later the boys and Robby headed outside and I came downstairs.  And had to step over Campbell who was sleeping on the steps as I came down.  She was pretty pitiful looking and it took me forever to wake her up.
  • I had the little 3 with me and we finally caught up with the others who were taking a walk.  Then the boys rode and rode their bikes.  Reagan did get a little ride in our Graham's bike when he was off of it.  Their bike riding is pretty incredible how quickly they picked it up.  Wish I could pick things up that quick.  
  • We sat outside until shower and supper time.  The bugs were biting some but it was still a nice evening out.  The kids helped pick up the house and then bedtime.  They were all excited about VBS in the morning so they went to bed very easily!