June 21, 2013

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Pool Party at the Hawkins!

  • We slept in again this morning and really only had time for breakfast, Graham's reading book and then time to pick up Nonna for swim lessons.  She went with us today to watch the kids and Robby showed up to see them and Grannymom also made an appearance to check out the progress.  The kids were delighted to have such an audience today.  Only one more day of lessons and Graham is going to not really understand why he still has to wear his floatees!  He almost has it and Robby thinks they will all be almost fish-like by the end of the summer.
  • Nonna made lunch for everyone after lessons and the kids played for a few minutes before we left-I only left with 5 kiddos since we left Reagan there to spend the night.  And Reagan had a big afternoon and evening-chuck e cheese, painting, games, shopping-she may never want to leave Nonna's house.
  • Back at home, Whitman had a brief nap and then sat in my lap while I helped Anderson put together some of his legos.  Then he, Graham and Campbell watched a few movies while Keaton napped.  I assumed that at least one of them would fall asleep during the movie but how could they when Campbell was talking to them or to me the entire time.  I think that Campbell follows me and talks during movies so she will not fall asleep.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over to pick up Keaton.  She was also getting to spend the night out. I think it is so funny that we have 2 kids out spending the night but still have 4 kiddos-more than most people have at all.  Keaton was ready to go holding her baby and her backpack.  She didn't hesitate at all to climb in Grandpa's car and wave bye to us.  Keaton went swimming this afternoon in Grannymom's little pool and probably had a blast with no one splashing her.
  • Robby came home and then we loaded up for a Sunday school fellowship.  There were about a zillion kids in the pool tonight but we only had 3 to keep up with-the boys were in the shallow end where they could touch and Campbell had on our floatees.  The boys had a blast playing with other boys and playing basketball.  And Campbell went off the diving board at least 20 times-that is all that she did.  If you could have only seen her-sometimes she would run off the end of the board, sometimes she would stand at the end and dance or count.  But over and over she went.
  • Also over and over she and the boys had to go to the bathroom tonight.  Robby went at least 3 trips with them and I was in the bathroom enough to know that there wasn't a plunger in the closet, where the toilet paper was and enough to count how many bugs were in the bathroom.  
  • Whitman enjoyed all of the activity and I think he even liked the occasionally splashes from the diving board.  We stayed out late and the kids were pretty exhausted when we made it home-only Whitman is up now and hopefully he will head to bed soon!