June 18, 2013

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Catching tons of fireflies!

  • Since the toy room was clean this morning, most everyone stopped there for awhile before coming to wake us up.  Around 8, we did have one mini crisis-no one had seen Reagan and they said that she wasn't in her bed.  I was pretty sure that she was still in her bed and after checking she indeed was-crisis averted. 
  • I was able to have my shower before breakfast and then we did our school review.  Next up was laundry (me), dusting (kids) and getting ready for swim lessons-day 2.  I am really trying to include and teach the kids how to do all of the chores around here.  My bon bons are waiting on me!
  • We dropped off Keaton and Whitman at Grannymom's house.  Keaton waved bye bye to us as fast as she could-I think she was happy to see us go!
  • Swim lessons were next.  Campbell is doing good.  I don't expect for her to be a swimmer at the end of the week but a few lessons never hurt.  Graham can swim almost halfway across the pool.  Anderson can swim halfway across the pool.  But I wonder a bit if his asthma holds him back any.  By the end of the lesson he is spent and gets slower and slower about doing what is asked of him.  And my Reagan is a little fish.  Can swim across the entire pool and can start on her back and then turn over and start swimming.  No lessons tomorrow because the teacher has a funeral so the next lesson is Thursday.
  • Grannymom had lunch for everyone and then they played for a few minutes and even had time to swing before heading home.  Once at home, I decided that they needed a bit of downtime so I had everyone lay down and read if they wanted for 30 minutes.  My intentions were to get on the treadmill since Whitman and Keaton were sleeping.  That would have worked out but Whitman wakes up within minutes of me putting him and his car seat into the closet to continue his nap from the car.  So I decided I would walk after their rest but by then they had woken Keaton up while squealing at their race car track (we bought batteries for it so it was like a new toy to them).  
  • Yesterday, I noticed that Keaton's new pack n play had a small hole.  The next time I noticed the hole was larger. I told Campbell to not touch it and soon Keaton put her hand through it.  I smacked that hand good but this just led to a major meltdown by her.  Today as I was patching that hole, I was venting to Reagan that the brand new pack n play was now broken.  She said "I can't believe Campbell cut it."  I hadn't heard this and was soon to the bottom of the story-Campbell cut the pack n play so she could "reach Keaton."  I didn't beat the child but sure wanted to.  I laid it on thick about how disappointed I was and how that was such a bad thing that she did.  When Robby drove up, she said "don't tell Daddy."
  • It wasn't long before we headed outside.  I did a bit of work and the kids zoomed around me on their bikes.  Campbell tries her hardest to keep up with the others.  And Keaton loves to stand on her scooter thinking she is as big as the others.  
  • When Robby came home, we loaded up and went to McDonalds for 1.99 Happy Meal night.  Whoop whoop!  Robby only got 4 and they all happily ate their meals and were so excited to pull everything out of their boxes themselves.  Usually, we buy a 20 piece nuggets and everything is divided up by Robby or me before the kids sit down.  Anyway, Keaton was sitting at our table and she kept looking at the big kids saying "box, box."  Next time we will have to buy 5 Happy Meals!  That is why we have to wait until they are on sale!
  • On the way home, Robby stopped and bought a few things to get rid of bugs around here - granule bug killer, bug spray that goes on the water hose and a bug zapper.  Mosquitos are giving the kids fits and there are zillions of ants out back (well they were there this afternoon but weren't there when we came home with the supplies).
  • So while Robby worked on his bug killing, the rest of us worked on catching them to bring them in the house for the night-lightening bugs.  Reagan and Campbell are the best lightening bug catchers ever.  Keaton would occasionally see one and start pointing at it.  Anderson likes to catch them and Graham tries but get skittish and calls Reagan over to help him.
  • Next up was showers for everyone-at 9!  That is crazy late for us.  The other day, I walked by the shower with Graham and Keaton inside. I asked "how's it going?"  And Graham said "not good, she keeps grabbing my peepee."  Keaton was after Anderson tonight-you just never know what is going to happen in this house!
  • The kids all went to bed pretty quickly and quietly-they were patiently waiting on the lightening bugs to light up!