June 29, 2013

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Checking out the airplanes in North Little Rock!

  • Graham was in our bed crazy early this morning.  This pushed me to the middle which pushed Robby to the living room (don't feel sorry for him-he would rather sleep there anyway).  At 5, Whitman woke up even though he hasn't woken up in the middle of the night for days or weeks now.  At first I thought it was time to wake up but soon realized that I had to feed that boy and get him back to sleep quickly because I still had hours of sleep left.
  • At 7:05, the bedroom was filled with children.  Anderson said that he was "starving."  I mentioned watching a movie (to buy me some more sleep time) and that worked.  So apparently "starving" to Anderson means eating after a movie and after ipad time.  
  • The kids had breakfast and watched the ladybugs for a few minutes.  Yesterday, we did have a small crisis when one ladybug was discovered outside of the dome.  Reagan was ablet to pick it up.  I was about to call for Campbell because she is the resident bug ninja-that child must have some awesome reflexes because in the last few days Campbell has caught a live butterfly and smashed a fly with her bare hands.  
  • The kids soon moved upstairs to lego building.  Right now the toy room is covered in legos-big legos, little legos-like a lego bomb went off.  The kids can all maneuver pretty well through the mine field of legos but Keaton can not.  It takes her about 3 minutes to walk from one side of the room to the other.  It is like she is just learning to walk-so funny to watch.
  • Soon we were all ready to headed to the NLR airport open house.  We did tell the kids where we were going and just gave them a few clues-not to be fun but because we didn't want to have to answer a thousand questions.  Reagan got so into the clues that I had to write them down on her notebook.  
  • The airport was neat-like a big car show but with airplanes.  There was a car show as well and we were going to walk by it on the way out but after sitting in the sun for a bit, Anderson said "we don't have to walk by the cars."  The kids enjoyed seeing the airplanes and even watching them take off, fly over ahead and one did a few stunts in the sky.  For older kids, they even were able ride on a short flight for free if they arrived early enough.  
  • For lunch, they had free hot dogs so we had lunch there and watched the planes for a bit.  The weather could have really been warm but there was a pretty strong breeze that kept things comfortable.
  • Back at home, we headed out back to see the glider that Pops had brought over.  My grandparents had a patio set that they were no longer using so we are borrowing it.  Soon all the kids were playing out in the tree house and we were sitting watching so Robby dug out his hammock he received from Christmas.  That thing will get plenty of use-we all tried it out.  Most everyone was able to lay in it.  Campbell was too-for a few minutes and then splat she fell straight to the ground.  She will not be back in it for a while.  
  • Robby even caught a quick snooze in the hammock while I showered the little girls.  How can two little girls get a pint of sand in their hair in just a few hours outside?
  • After a bit of inside time for the kids and outside piddeling time for Robby, it was time to head to the pool.  Seriously, by 6:00 the pool was fairly empty.  Nonna and Pops joined us and we had hot dogs and the fixings for supper.
  • The kids all did really well tonight-Reagan even worked on diving.  She can do the diving board great without any help.  A lifegaurd even tried to show her how to dive-she will need some practice but did really well.  The boys hung near the shallow part but did swim some when we pushed them to slide down the slide or swim to us.  Campbell did surprisingly well tonight swimming-she is getting more and more comfortable in the water (not really a good thing-I want her to stay very attached to her floatee!)
  • Keaton even went down the slide tonight.   I helped her to the top, sat her down and gave her a push.  And she came down head first and did a flip into Robby's arms.  We then asked her if she went down the slide "uh huh" and then asked if she wanted to go again "no."  I am kind of glad she didn't like the slide or she would want to go down it all of the time.
  • At home, everyone had showers and then to bed.  We have all had a big day today!