June 2, 2013

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Pool Season Has Begun!

  • Whitman has decided that he likes a bit of attention now during the middle of the night.  Last night after he ate, I turned off the light and crawled back into bed and as soon as I did this, he started fussing.  Seriously, he knew I was gone.  When I stood up to go and calm him, he saw me and was quiet again.  So I just stood in our room in the middle of night for awhile-until I could figure out what to do.  My choices were try to calm him down, move him to another room or try to sneak back into bed.  I picked option number 1-it probably took more time than the other options but at least everyone was happy when we finally made it back to bed (an hour later!)
  • Whitman was due for a good cleaning and scrub down so he took a shower with Robby.  Robby put him in his bumbo seat and scrubbed the mess out of his cradle cap head.  He hadn't eaten yet and I thought for sure that he would have a fit but he really loves showers and doesn't fuss at all.  The scrubbing helped some but his head is still a bit scaly (probably will take a few more scrubbings) but at least he smells better
  • Church morning and the kids happily put on their clothes.  The boys actually thought they had hit the lottery because I let them wear their shorts and new sandals to church.  It didn't take too long for everyone to get dressed and then they started eating their powdered and chocolate doughnuts.  We weren't in a rush this morning but maybe we should have been.  When we made it to church the parking lot was full.  We weren't really that late but I guess everyone else was ready to get out of their houses after all of the rain.
  • The kids had cookies and milk in the library with Mr. Mike before church.  And Robby made them potty as always.  During the sermon, Reagan leaned over to me and said that she had to potty.  My answer was "no, can you wait?"  She said she could and lasted for about 10 more minutes and told me again.  I told her just a bit longer and a minute after that Anderson said he needed to go.  I try my best to not get up during the sermon or church at all (so distracting to others and once the kids do it once they will think they can do it weekly)  But today we did all leave after the invitation-I took the big 3 to the bathroom while Robby fetched the others.
  • I waited outside the bathroom and when the kids emerged I asked if Robby had taken them to the bathroom before church.  Reagan said yes but she didn't go because there was a line (probably not true at all).  And Anderson said that he didn't go potty because he couldn't unbutton his shorts (true because I had to do it for him then).  I told him that he daddy would have happily unbuttoned them for him.  I guess next week they will have to have bathroom chaperons.
  • Lunch was at Grannymom's house and we had Anderson's 2nd favorite pie-lemon.  That child had 2 pieces of it and probably could have eaten more but the ipad was calling his name.  They played for a bit and then we loaded up all the kids including Lilly and Cash to go to the pool.  
  • We have a membership this year and this was our first time to go.  I wanted Robby to go with me the first time to help define some rules to the kids.  The pool has enough area that they kids played happily never even going in the deeper end.  Graham did go down the slide twice (I had left their floatees at home by accident so Robby just ran into Walmart to pick up some dollar ones which worked well enough).  Campbell had to have her floatees on and Keaton never really left our side.  Lilly and Cash entertained our kids so it was pretty nice-all except for the ice cold water.  Robby and I could barely stick our feet in the pool.  Poor Cash was shivering by the time that we left.  
  • At home everyone showered and put on their pajamas.  Swimming even for a brief time like today is just a lot of hard work-but the bonus is that my kids were worn out!  They vegged out watching tv for awhile, we had supper and then they had ipad time, then we had ice cream truck and it was time for bed.  That is a pretty good day if you ask me!