June 11, 2013

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Dancing Queen!

  • Yesterday, Anderson and I were talking about VBS.  He was telling me all of the things that he had done and how much fun he was having.  So I said "and tomorrow we can do it all again."  He looked at me and said "really? I wish you hadn't signed me up."  I was shocked and he continued that it was too long and he had to go to too many rooms.  
  • Then on the other hand, I have my social butterfly who said that the other girls in her class didn't love VBS as much as she did.  She likes it because they have a different craft and different snack and different songs (different than Sunday School, choir or Awana)  Reagan also said that she couldn't wait to go back tomorrow.  I guess this week will be a long week for Anderson and a short week for Reagan.
  • Graham seems to enjo y VBS too-he didn't get at my table this morning but really didn't seem to mind (which bothered me!).  Campbell was tickled with making pictures, a bracelet and even having a snack. She called her snack a "mix" today and it was indeed a trail mix type thing.  Keaton came out of her room today with stickers and a musical shaker that she was thrilled about.  And Whitman is also being well attended to in his class-at least 5 teachers seem to be in there when I go to pick him up.  
  • Today during pick up, I grabbed Keaton first which was a mistake but she was the closest one to me. Then I picked up Graham and we walked to get Whitman.  I told them to wait right there when I went  in his room to gather him and his stuff.  Keaton just sat by the window and waited on us.  This caused all of the nursery workers to ooh and aah over her behavior and compliment me on my parenting skills.  I tried to say that things always aren't like that and things would soon fall a part.  Little did I know, right after picking up Campbell, Keaton just laid down in the middle of the hall and refused to go any further.  She was done with church, done following me around and done with people talking to her.  
  • When we made it to the van, it was a zillion degrees inside but after opening the doors and turning on the air, the van cooled off fairly quickly-well by the time that everyone was buckled.  Our afternoon adventure was Grannymom's house (kids) and the grocery store (me).  The kids were happy to tell Grannymom and Grandpa all about their day and the crafts they made.  Reagan was so excited to show off her new shirt that they made for crafts yesterday.
  • At Grannymom's the kids had lunch and then they went for a bike ride on Dana's street.  I don't know if it was the heat or if my girls are a bit lazy but they ended up getting a ride home.  The kids were all still a bit hot and red faced when I came back from the grocery store.  I had milk in the 100 degree car so we couldn't stay long.  
  • Once at home, my helpers emptied the car for me and the highlight was pulling out the 6 foot board that I had picked up at Home Depot to make a height chart for the kids.  I should have taken a picture of three of the kids hauling it across the garage-it was just a few feet but we almost knocked out a window and lost a limb or two!  
  • My rule when we get home is that no one can watch a movie until after I have unloaded the car-grocery store day or any other day.  And all of my stuff has to be put up.  This rule is really for my sake because I don't want to waste their movie time with unloading.  Their movie time is for me to do some chores that are more fun-like today, cleaning off the top of the washing machine and wiping toothpaste off of the walls!
  • Soon Robby was home and we had supper-smashed hamburger sandwiches.  Some people call this meal sloppy joes but when we say that I have 5 kids that don't eat a thing.  When we call it smashed hamburger sandwiches everyone eats.  Well, at least they used to-today Campbell and Keaton didn't eat and they didn't get dessert.  Just imagine how that went over.  Robby told Campbell that her plate had to be clean to get dessert so first she put her sandwich on the table, then tried by putting it on the floor and finally dumped it in the trash.  She was so proud of herself for her ingenuity.  My sweet Reagan even tried to sneak her some of her dessert since clearly Campbell was not getting any.  
  • Keaton didn't get dessert either and eventually had to be put into her bed to calm down.  She must be pretty exhausted or she is going through a stage that I do not like at all.  But after a few minutes in her bed she was happy as she could be and sat quietly in my lap as Graham did his reading book.
  • Soon Campbell saw Jason outside-he is picking up rocks from our yard to fill in a planter in his yard.  The kids went outside to say hi for a few minutes and then I ushered everyone in for bed.  In just a few minutes everyone was in bed fast asleep...and that is when Whitman woke up for the evening!