June 24, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
A little dirt playing never hurt anyone!

  • Graham was up before 7 this morning but the others slept a bit later and so did we.  Graham just sat in front of Whitman and grinned and smiled at him.  Soon everyone was up eating breakfast and getting ready for the day...last day of swim lessons!
  • Robby left at the same time as I did with Keaton and Whitman.  Whitman had his doctor's appointment today and Keaton went along for the ride.  Whitman weighed 13 pounds and 10 ounces.  And was a little on the short side with a big head!-just like all my other Dennies!  Whitman did good even during his 2 shots.  Keaton was quite the big sister and pretty concerned about her little brother during his shots.
  • I took everyone else to the pool and they had some time to swim before lessons.  The big 3 were jumping off the edge, going down the slide and swimming their little hearts out.  Then it was swim lessons-Graham did excellent today with a good attitude and swam almost all the way across the pool.  He has almost mastered taking breaths as well.  My Campbell even swam about 3 feet.  I was shocked when I looked up and saw her do this.  That is so much more than I ever expected from her swim lessons.  
  • Next up was Reagan and Anderson.  Anderson had a melt down and decided that he couldn't do anything.  He was just crying away.  Julie was trying to calm him down but she eventually had to have my talk to him. What a way to end lessons.  All she wanted was for him to swim across using his arms and not just kicking.  He can do that and did.  After he did it once or twice she let him float on his back and he was calm again.  Back to the whole self esteem thing-just don't know what to do.  Want him to be tenderhearted like he is but not a big baby!  Speaking of tenderhearted, on the way out Campbell was having a fit because we were leaving and Anderson said "do you want to hold my hand?"  I mean, how sweet is that?  
  • Well all of his drama caused me to not really watch what was going on with Reagan.  I am pretty sure that Reagan did well.  I did see her jump off of the diving board a few times.  I think Julie kind of caught her and then gave her a push to the side.  Overall, I am so pleased with swim lessons and the kids have done so good.
  • We then went to Grannymom's house to pick up Whitman, Keaton and the all important baby doll that Keaton left at Grannymom's house the other night.  Keaton would ask about the doll at bedtime but we would just hand her another and she would be fine.  Grannymom offered lunch and who am I to pass up a meal so the kids ate and then we headed home.
  • This afternoon the kids pretty much went wild and practically drove me insane...nah, it wasn't that bad.  Everyone just wants to play with Keaton all of the time and that just leads to lots of screaming, running and squealing.  I was able to have a few minutes of peace though-hiding out in the attic (I was working on garage sale stuff)
  • Robby brought home pizza and Pops brought over new chairs for our patio.  Then we headed outside for the evening-swinging, walking, neighbor watching, bike riding and dirt playing!