June 7, 2013

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Celebrating Laynie's 3rd Birthday!

  • Today was one of those pretty perfect days.  Whitman was the first waker-upper at 6 to eat.  Soon our bed and room was filled.  I still get tickled to think that we had more kids in our bedroom this morning than most people have at all-and not all of the kids were with us.  Keaton was still asleep when we went to get her.  
  • The breakfast menu today called for breakfast burritos which have been a favorite before.  But not so much anymore.  No one was happy with the choice.  I did what any good mom would do and completely ignored the complaints, served up the burritos and continued to pick up the kitchen while oblivious to the moans and groans.  I am now taking suggestions on what we can eat on Fridays from now on. 
  • After everyone put on their clothes, we started to work.  We had 3 rotations-vacuuming, picking up the toy room and reading with Mom.  The big 3 kids took turns doing each of the above.  Campbell also had her turn vacuuming and "reading" but heavens knows she can't pick up to save her soul.
  • Once we had finished, we loaded up and headed to Nonna's house.  I dropped off the kids and ran back home.  I cleaned the house (clean for us), made a cake, cleaned out a cabinet, walked on the treadmill and picked up the school room.  All that in 3 hours-not too bad.  I told Robby that I even felt a bit guilty for enjoying my quiet time so much.  
  • It was not quiet though at Nonna's house.  The kids played outside at least twice, had lunch, played with g.i. joe stuff, had a snack, watched some tv and stayed pretty busy with Nonna and Pops.  I made it over there around 2:30 but then I stayed until after 4.
  • The kids were outside playing and it was just so beautiful out today that we all stayed outside.  This was one of those days that I wish it would be like all the time.  This evening made me envious that we weren't camping out tonight.  But enough about the weather....
  • Graham and then Reagan were determined to play tennis using badminton rackets.  They (nor I) were any good at all at this.  It wasn't due to the rackets either-we just have little coordination.  But they wanted to try and try and try.  
  • Finally, I was able to convince everyone that it was time to go.  On the way home, I wrote Robby and said "almost home."  He wrote back thinking I was asking him where he was and told me that he was on Lawson.  Robby was pretty surprised that we were still out and about when we had company coming over.
  • Once home, Keaton continued her nap from the car.  I propped up Whitman's bottle while I made cupcakes for the kids.  The others played outside and Robby finished up his work-he puts his computer outside on his workbench and I just think that is the funniest thing.  Probably when most people work from home, they don't really work from their garage.  
  • Robby and the boys did have one discovery this afternoon-a mouse.  Robby opened the shed and the mouse was sitting there staring at them.  The poor mouse must have eaten some of Robby's poison because he was moving in slow motion.  Robby got the shovel and the mouse tried to move away.  My sweet Graham asked "can't you just slice it?"  Robby did take care of the mouse but did it a bit more discreetly than just slicing it in front of the kids.  
  • Soon the Penningtons and McGuires were at our house.  We had hamburgers, hot dogs, beans and cheese dip-should have had corn-on-the-cobb too but I completely forgot about that.  Reagan will be pleased that she doesn't have to share the corn though.  
  • And then we celebrated Laynie's birthday which was today.  She really enjoyed blowing out her candles and the kids were pleased with their cupcakes and the grown ups were pleased with their coca cola cake. After that, we all just sat outside enjoying the nice night.
  • I found a Graham a jar and Robby helped put some fireflys in it.  And soon all of the kids were catching fireflys.  It was nearly 20 bugs by the time that everyone had to go home.  When our company left, Robby and I picked up outside.  Then the kids had showers while we picked up inside. Everyone helped with the toy room and then it was bedtime.
  • But first we had firefly watching time.  All of us just sat around that jar waiting on those bugs to light up.  And they didn't!  Finally, someone opened and then closed the bathroom door and the bugs started lighting up.  So we opened and closed the door for awhile and then finally told everyone good night.  They were some tired kiddos tonight.