June 27, 2013

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Painting on the tarp!

  • Campbell must have been dreaming pretty good last night because she cried out a couple times. Decided on the 2nd visit upstairs to just bring her downstairs to our room and make a palette where she slept the rest of the night quietly.
  • Graham joined us before 7:00 but was pretty quiet until he and Campbell decided to get in bed with us.  Eventually Reagan and Anderson woke up and made it as far as the toy room.
  • Today was our day to stay home!  But that does mean a bit more "entertaining" around here but everybody had a good day and stayed busy.
  • After breakfast and a bit of play time inside - everyone headed out for painting!  We put the big tarp out out on the driveway with the watercolors.  Reagan drew the tire swing, Anderson drew a big fire coming from the burn pile, Graham drew the basketball goal and Campbell's painted an abstract and Keaton painted the tarp..  It was snack time before long and that pretty much meant everyone was done painting.  Bike rides, tennis ball hitting practice and capturing a turtle finished up the morning before heading in for lunch. (Well, then everyone wanted to eat outside at the new patio table Nonna and Pops dropped off so back outside for lunch.
  • Soon it was naptime for the little ones and movie time for the big kids while I worked on updating the baby books.  Reagan's book is done (kind of sad) and Anderson's will be done after Robby finishes writing in it.
  • Supper time and then the usual question of what's for dessert?  Robby said if everyone ate a good supper then they might make a special trip to Sonic for 1/2 price shakes since I would be going to Bunko. Not sure he realized he had to wait until 8:00 to fulfill the promise or that it would be 100 degrees sitting outside at 8:00.
  • I headed off to Bunko, while everyone headed back outside for my bike rides and walk down the street. Robby showered everyone and loaded up the crew for the short trip to Sonic. 3 oreo shakes, 1 chocolate shake and 1 vanilla shake for the 5 big kids and all were devoured (well, Anderson helped finish off Reagan and Graham's.)
  • They made it back home by 9:00 for a change into pj's, teeth brushing and quickly to bed. Then Whitman decided it was time to eat :)