June 16, 2013-Happy Father's Day!

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Celebrating Father's Day!

  • One thing that never happens here is me waking up before anyone else in the house-but I did today!  I guess when I was in school, I was the first one up.  But now, it sure isn't me.  Today though since it was Father's Day, I had to get a move on.  
  • After getting ready, I quickly went upstairs to get the kids ready and then we came downstairs to prepare our big Father's Day breakfast.  The preparation was minimal-cut rice krispy treat, grab coke from fridge and open honey bun package.  The kids were so excited about all of this and they even happily shared what everyone would bring to Robby-Keaton was even handed a fork to carry in the room.  And Graham and Reagan worked out who would walk in the room first-honeybun, followed by fork, then rice krispy treats and drink.  
  • Robby was quite pleased with all of his breakfast and soon everyone was sitting on our bed having honey buns.  Robby was ready in no time-no raccoon today this morning!  (But you would not believe the smell outside tonight.  We guess it is that raccoon even though he took it 100 yards away.  Don't know what else he could have done-buried it I guess but it was a work day.  I am not too sure if they would have believed him when he walked in a 10 and said I am late because I was burying my raccoon)
  • Anyway, we stopped at a car wash on the way to church.  The white van had turned a nice shade of grey.  Robby wanted to do the drive through car wash but he was a little fuzzy on the actual height of the van so I talked him out of it.  He still washed the van and the kids all squealed with delight....love that simple things still excite them so.
  • Breakfast number 2 was at church for VBS family day.  They had fruit kabobs and doughnuts or breakfast casserole.  The room was decorated neat and the kids enjoyed eating with all of the McGuires.  Reagan even won a gift card to Sonic-it did help that we were told to fill out one per person-we were bound to win!
  • Then it was on to Sunday school for everyone.  Robby and Graham then had breakfast number 3 for our classes father's day celebration.  Graham was happy to have Robby eat with him.  Last week he made a picture of his Super Hero dad and filled in the blank to say that his dad was his super hero because "he has 3 lawnmowers."
  • I had worship care with Keaton and 3 others so it was pretty relaxing.  Reagan and the other children sang a VBS song during big church.  And Robby said the kids were an 8 of 10 during church-pretty good.  Reagan did have to go to the bathroom during church-I had to explain to her tonight that there would be no more getting up unless she thought she was going to make a mess in her pants! 
  • Grannymom had lunch for everyone and Reagan told Lilly all about the crafts that she made in VBS.  Then the kids all played quietly while the grown ups hung out-"the kids all played quietly"-don't hear that often!
  • Back at home, the kids rested for a bit and then played in the toy room for awhile.  Whitman snoozed on the couch and Campbell helped me laminate some (if only she could help me cut out what all I am laminating!)  She did look at the things we were laminating and kept saying "I wish this was mine."  Almost every bit of it is-I am working hard to keep her busier and quieter this year during school.  
  • Soon we all ended up outside and all had a walk down the road.  Today was the first time that Reagan had enough confidence to ride her bike that far.  Though by the end of the day she was going over roots and up and down the dirt pile.  
  • We had a big soccer game with a whopping score of 2-1.  Then it was time for popsicles and showers.  Next up was dinner-and seriously, we are always having to feed these kids-breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks, goodness gracious.  
  • After we ate, they started watching a baking competition show that was on.  We let them stay up and watch the entire thing and when it was over, they asked if they could watch the next one tomorrow.  Robby said that the next one would come on tv next week and they would have to wait a week.  "A week?" they gasped.  They could not believe the show would not be on tv for another week-we are raising a Netflix generation of kids!