June 19, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • Summer living and staying out late has really exhausted my kids.  Anderson was the only one up at 7:30 and we didn't hear from anyone else until 8:30.  Seriously, they are tired kiddos.  Last night it was after 9 but tonight it was 10 when they got into bed-no telling how long they will sleep in the morning.  
  • Since we had a later start, the kids ate and then started working on their chore for the day-cleaning the pottys.  Tomorrow the chore plan is to teach everyone how to properly clean the bathroom counters.  Sometimes I wish my bathrooms had a drain in the floor and I could just spray everything down with a water hose.  
  • We had time to pick up the toy room and throw all of the laundry in drawers before heading out the door.  We were headed to see Beebee and I almost didn't find her!  As we walked in the door of her place, I was distracted by the people singing hymns in the eating area.  I pressed on until I heard the kids calling me-I had walked right past Beebee.  
  • She was sitting by the door waiting on us (I have never seen her out of her room).  She was in a good mood and the kids enjoyed talking to her-and getting her candy and getting her dollars and getting her snacks that she saves for them.  Everyone was pretty well behaved today with only a few minor scuffles.  
  • When we left Beebee's place, we picked up Grant to play for the day.  Grant went to pre k with Anderson and then was in Graham's class too.  So there was some confusion with the boys about who he was going to play with.  Anderson even played legos by himself for awhile but eventually they all played together.  I didn't get my camera in time but at one point Anderson, Grant and Graham were all laying in my bed watching a movie.  
  • They eventually went outside and I joined them.  We walked around some, I worked on rocks, the kids rode bikes and played in the dirt.  And then I saw a snake and we went in!  Last night Robby worked on getting rid of bugs and now tomorrow night he will have to work on getting rid of snakes.  Not really sure if you can really do either in the country!
  • We had all had our popsicles and were taking turns showering when Robby came in.  He helped finish the shower routine and soon everyone was working on putting our new baby ladybugs into our lady bug land.  So exciting to think that in a few days we could possible have ladybugs!  This morning the kids let the lightening bugs out of the jar and only a few minutes later the jar was dropped and broke to pieces.  I was so glad that the jar was dropped after we had let those bugs out-or the kids really wouldn't have needed a night light tonight.  Those bugs would have been flying around their room.
  • We had dinner down the road at the Wilsons.  The kids played really well-Keaton can pretty much fend for herself and follows the others and Whitman enjoyed added attention and was great this evening.  The kids played inside and outside, played with toys and watched a movie, they had just about as much fun as the grown ups did.
  • It was nearly 10 when we made it home and I believe that the kids crashed as soon as their heads hit their pillows!