June 5, 2013

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More swimming...

  • I have been meaning to write this in the blog for awhile but have continually forgotten.  The kids were all taking showers and I was shuffling them in and out of my shower and the small shower nearby.  Anderson had just gotten out of the small shower and was sitting in my closet floor not putting on his pajamas but busy looking smug.  Reagan was getting in the little shower and squealed.  Anderson had gotten out of the shower, he had turned the water on cold.  And he was sitting waiting for her to step into the ice cold shower.  She had only touched it with her hand but Anderson laughed and laughed about his little prank.
  • Yesterday morning as we were scurrying around the kids saw a moth (or "wasp" as Anderson called it).  Then the kids proceeded to find the butterfly nets and work and work on catching the moth.  After it flew higher than they could reach, they tried standing in a chair and then they pulled out the broom.  Eventually they had to resort to throwing balls at it and using the nerf guns to try and catch the thing.  By this time, I was ready and the house was picked up (except for their mess) and it was time to leave.
  • Back to today, well last night.  I was having the best dream about lots of kids playing and screaming at a park.  Then I woke up and still heard those kids.  I first thought that it was near time to wake up and the kids were all up in the toy room.  But then I opened my eyes and saw it was still too dark for that. By this time I was awake and heard the screaming, I bolted out of bed and ran up the stairs.  
  • Reagan was coming down the stairs to get me.  When I got upstairs I could hear Graham and Campbell crying.  Anderson (like his Daddy) was sleeping soundly!  I calmed Campbell down first and then moved to Graham.  He was sitting in his bed shouting "I'mitchy,I'mitchy,I'mitchy."  It took me quite awhile to understand that he was itchy.  I calmed him down and put medicine on his itches.  It probably didn't help that he was sleeping in a long sleeve fleece shirt.  Robby came up to check on us and we even gave Graham some tylenol.  He was so hot that we figured that he could easily have a bit of fever that has been making its way around the house.  He gladly chugged the medicine when I said it would help with his itches.  After that everyone slept well with just Whitman waking up again to eat.
  • This morning we were trying to get out of the house fairly quick-that didn't happen.  I have decided that I can never get any where before 8 again.  Our first stop this morning was seeing Beebee.  The kids were very good and Anderson even whispered to me a few times asking how they were doing.  Campbell was my only trouble-she has decided not to hug Beebee or talk to her.  She probably realizes how mad that makes me and also realizes that I can not properly "correct" her when we are there.
  • Next stop was Jodee's house for some swimming with friends.  The kids had a great time.  Whitman slept most of the time and enjoyed getting passed around.  Keaton didn't want anyone pushing her in her floatee but me and since I didn't really get in, she didn't get to go far.  When she decided that she didn't want to sit in her floatee, I just buckled her up in Graham's floatee that he wasn't using.  She never left the steps and I was near her when she was near the water but her wearing his floatee would give me a bit of grab time to grab her if she did take an unexpected swim.
  • After our lunch, the kids swam some more and even continued to swim during a rain storm that came through.  When it was finally time to leave, Jodee passed out popsicles while the moms all loaded up their cars.  I passed out snacks and cokes for the ride home and the kids were perfectly content.
  • Once home, Whitman and Keaton had a nap.  And the others watched a movie and had a snack.  Soon we all went outside to take a quick little walk-we are trying to beat Robby to 100 miles.  It is Robby against the kids and me trying to be the first to walk, run or ride to 100 miles.  So far it is 5 to 4 with Robby slightly in the lead.
  • We met the Stotts at a restaurant to eat and the kids were pretty perfect.  They even got to pet a baby deer.  Yep, a lady had brought her deer out to eat-even wearing a pearl necklace.  I guess it was the night of the deer because we all saw 2 in the yard when we came home-even saw them jump the fence.  
  • Everyone went to bed without a problem-poor Graham was about to fall asleep while eating tonight. So far this summer has been pretty tiring for the kid.  Hopefully, he will sleep better tonight-and that would mean that we would all sleep better!