June 28, 2013

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Hatching Ladybugs!

  • Up until last week, I have been pretty consistent in my making my bed every morning.  But this morning and like all the rest this week, I have given up on that.  The kids lay in, on, around, under and beside my bed during their daily movie time.  Seriously, my bed can look nice and pristine at 1:59 but at 3:01 my bed looks like a herd of elephants have trampled on it.  So I figure there is really no need to make it up at all.
  • Some of the kids put on their clothes this morning but most stayed in their pjs all day (Anderson, Graham and Keaton).  I am now having to be careful of my clothing choices lately since Reagan has recently critiqued my stay at home clothes saying "Mom, khaki and white don't really match."  I was quite surprised (sarcasm) that she would have a problem with my kahki shorts with stains all over them and my white t shirt that is at least 10 years old.
  • The kids helped me with my chores this morning and then we started our fun: fingernail and toenail painting, sticker mosaics, sticker book, lego cars, lego cows, marble track, paper dolls, Minnie bingo and lincoln logs....that got us through lunch and to nap time. Seriously, after today I should win that coveted mother of the year award!
  • During nap, I figured that Campbell might just fall asleep like she did yesterday but she didn't and watched every letter that I typed on my computer.  Robby came home a bit early and then left to pick up supper with Campbell and Graham.  Keaton thought she wanted to go until I offered her a lollipop to stay home.  
  • We had our supper and then watched our baking show.  The kids remember so many details about it and anxiously await for it to come on each Wednesday so we can watch it on Thursdays.  Maybe we should think about getting cable so we could watch the food network.
  • We played an exciting game of hide n seek before bed-Graham hid with me as much as he could.  We sat in the bathtub and then the shower waiting and waiting for them to find us.  Good day and good evening!